Thursday, January 29, 2015


Of late, Delhi surveys must have given sleepless nights to top strata of BJP's leadership or else PM and his trusted lieutenant would not have ordered central and state ministers to rush to Delhi to gear up & chip in with their four to five rallies every day in Delhi to supersede Arvind Kejriwal's immaculate honesty that has doubtlessly taken the sheen off Mr. Modi's popularity. If the media is to be believed Mr. Modi is also ready to spare time and jump into this electoral fray to preserve BJP's reputation and honor at Delhi or else the media would flay BJP off along with PM day in day out after BJP's imminent defeat at Delhi. BJP knows it well that after their streak of victory across nation if it loses to Arvind Kejriwal at Delhi it would not be treated as the defeat of scapegoat, Kiran Bedi but PM, Narendra Modi.

The central ministers that are supposed to take care of their respective ministries to run this country smoothly are unfortunately out in the field leaving no stone unturned to catch up with BJP's lost grounds. It seems to have shaped up into a DO OR DIE situation for BJP. 

Our PM no doubt has picked up a few things from Arvind Kejriwal's style of functioning. Had BJP performed well in past seven months, BJP would not have had to pick up Kiran bedi overnight and asked its ministers to secure BJP's victory. 

Mr. Modi's pitiable statement stirring the hornet's nest in Delhi at his rally that Arvind Kejriwal must be sent to forest for calling himself openly as an anarchist is going to cost him dearly in this upcoming election. Staging peaceful sit-in (Dharna) is a healthy process of protest for important issues that need to be addressed nationally and it goes without saying that DHARNA is significant element of Democracy. The people who respect the core values of democracy would not have liked this particular scathing remark of our PM on Arvind Kejriwal who is believed to be utter honest reformist and crusader in Indian Politics. 

We must not forget the fact that Arvind is the first common citizen of India who stood up to speak against the most powerful people of this country against massive corruption. 

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