Thursday, October 30, 2014


Especially in the times when the entire nation is up in arms against corruption in this country, the sheer audacity of former Maharashtra government is being criticized heavily from all around for its calculated move that bars ACB (Anti Corruption Bureau) not to provide any information to RTI activists pertaining to cases under its probe from coming out in the open. Thus, the Govt. has attacked shamelessly the RTI liberty that has been given to Indians since they have a right to information they may seek from all the govt. depts and mind it, right to information had been achieved after a long and persistent struggle barring a few top secrets files that can undermine nation's security.

Before RTI Act came into existence in India there was no way for Indians to find out what was going on in the govt departments. Everything remained in dark. It is not a hidden fact that with judiciary on Indians' side, how UPA govt was literally forced to legislate RTI Act in 2005 for the countrymen only after it was cornered from all the sides and the UPA govt had no other option left with it but to provide the law.

Now in the wake of this undemocratic move, Maharashtra govt is facing PIL (public interest litigation) against its atrocious stand in the high court. The petition has mentioned the big political fishes like, NCP leaders, Ajit Pawar, Sunil Tatkare, Vijay kumar Gavit and Chhagan Bhujbal against whom charges have been leveled including Congress leader, Kripa Shankar Singh who is already being investigated for his disproportionate assets and abuse of power. 

I am of the opinion that it seems to be the silliest step on part of UPA and soon it is going to regret for it because HC would not allow it to happen and either the govt would have to withdraw it in order to save its face or HC would throw out the Maharashtra govt's stand. 

This particular step on behalf of Maharashtra govt to protect their corrupt ministers has faced strong opposition especially when Indians are demanding TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in govt's functioning for decades.

To take ACB (Anti corruption Bureau) away from RTI's purview is a dirty plan against RTI activists who have been exposing the scams that were earlier hidden in the departmental files only for years and years. Every body understands adequately now what is important for this nation and what is not. No RTI activist in his right senses would dare to expose any significant and top secret documents or information that can jeopardize the security of this nation.

Is the commission of corrupt practices by ministers a matter of national security? Through this act of former Maharashtra government (UPA) it has clearly provided an extra shield to protect their corrupt ministers who are likely to be probed or undergoing the probe of ACB so that no information can go to media or public if they are caught red-handed by ACB.

The roots of Corruption are so deep in Indian soil that you get to read quite often about it, I read in the newspapers today that yesterday, ACB sleuths had nabbed couple of assistants who had taken 23Lacs from a person as bribe to get clearance with the signature of some big minister in revenue dept. 

The agencies that have been kept of RTI Act

ambit are mentioned below.
  1. State Intelligence and its branches
  2. Special branches of all police commissionerates
  3. All districts and special branches of police superintendents
  4. Anti Terrorist Squad
  5. Force One Squad

Wednesday, October 22, 2014




In response to the national outcry over sensational issue of black money that is hounding this country for decades, our finance minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, it seems, has kept the interest of Congress above the interests of our Nation. It appears he wants to save congress from embarrassment. Or is he blackmailing congress secretly as claimed by congressmen in media, not to make too much noise about it or they would face embarrassment.  Through his statement to media he challenges Congress that if BJP Govt. reveals the all the names then Congress would be greatly embarrassed in the country. Is he trying to suppress the voices coming from Congress against black money account holders? 

Surprisingly though with obvious reluctance, the finance minister is willing to expose soon to the court only those foreign accounts holders' names against whom charges have been filed by Indian Authorities. How many more years are the investigating authorities going to spend over 700 accounts? Were they all sitting idle over it all these years? As it is they have eaten up decades over it? Is it that hard for our sleuths to find out what is what into all those accounts of traitors or is the investigation procrastinated by choice to offer undue favors to rich and famous of this country?

why not all the names?
who is he trying to extend favors to? 
And why? 

Mr. Narendera Modi had asked for only 100 days to get the black money back to our country. Was it a fake promise he had made to Indians to win the election? Did he ever say that he would partly fulfill his promise by revealing some of the names? In my opinion, this black money issue is heading to be a big blot over our PM's clean image.

Is BJP likely to be embarrassed equally when all the names are brought to public domain? Is that what is going to happen? Is Mr. Jaitley  trying to offer protective cover to some he is known to? or it is something that is unfathomable?

Moreover, Mr. Jaitley accuses the media sharply for misreporting the news about black money because BJP has always wanted to reveal the names as per the due process of law. That is exactly what has always been the usual excuse of Congress then what is the difference between BJP and Congress? Mind it, this very BJP was flinging stones & mud over Congress to reveal the names within and outside parliament and now unfortunately it is sailing in the same boat. Why is it so hard for BJP to reveal all the names? Who is stopping BJP? It baffles my sense of perception too. BJP must have a very good reason behind not disclosing all the names.

The entire nation is dying to hear all the 700 names in the list with the government because it is the constitutional rights of every honest Indian to learn who are those high profile criminals who had sold our country? who are those culprits that were busy embezzling money than serving this nation or being loyal to it? This black money is illegally accumulated wealth in foreign banks that belongs to India. It is believed that the volume of this wealth is so great that it can strengthen the economy of this country drastically then why should the Govt worry about the treaty clause when it is so important for our nation?

If you remember, Mr. Ram Jethmalani was on the verge of revealing the name of former prime minister of India whose name figures in this black list of black money but was silenced immediately by the roaring protests of Congress parliamentarians. Unfortunately, nobody from BJP supported Jethmalani at that time suggesting if he is the only one in BJP wanting to make it public and that gives birth to multiple suspicions on BJP's integrity and character. 

What really baffles me is that the congress in full defiance & in its blistering attack on BJP has dared Arun Jaitley to come out with full information, not with partial names. Then too, BJP seems disinclined for making the entire list public. The matter seems grossly complex and beyond general comprehension. The question that crops up in the mind is, are those people that important for BJP that it is becoming increasingly difficult to expose them? 


Wondering if my country is in right hands? The Indians had given the power to BJP believing that their black money would come back.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Who cares for moral values, political sanity & ideology !!

BJP kicks out its political morality and ideology for time being…

A few days back only, BJP’s leadership that includes PM with its juggernaut attacked so aggressively from left, right and center the previous Government of CONGRESS & NCP throughout its campaigns all over Maharashtra before election. In an impressively organized pattern, it bombarded its arch enemies severely with serious allegations of relentless corruption in the state like Adarsh Scam, sugar mills’ scams dependent on govt grants, land acquisition and irrigation scams. So much so that it slapped acronyms

to Congress as corrupt and NCP as naturally corrupt party and blamed that Congress and NCP together hand-in-glove were favoring affluent business houses & builders’ lobby and compelling the poor farmers to commit suicides after suicides.

Of late BJP that had rejected all the exit polls and staked tall claim of full majority prior to the poll results but it could not achieve it in the end. To be in good books of BJP and in order to get protective layers around it against corruption charges, NCP leaders stepped forward even before the results could be out with a tantalizing offer of unconditional support in a mussy fussy situation when Shiv Sena is not willing to backup BJP without a pound of flash.

It is world known fact that NCP has never been without power till date in Maharashtra since its inception. To an utter dismay to Congress, NCP trying to grab situational opportunity offered unconditional support from outside to BJP because it couldn’t digest the fact of living without habitual power politics.

And now after the election results have been declared, the Greed of power are showing so bad in BJP that it is seemingly ready to embrace corrupt NCP to form the government. Their party’s morals and values they often speak about are licking the dust of depravity now to accomplish their goals. 

In an attempt to secure a favorable bargain from their 25 years old ally, Shiv Sena, the BJP has opened its door wide with inviting arms for NCP as an option but in the end, they would have to stick to Shiv Sena only or else they will face a nationwide outrage and their national popularity would get battered disadvantageously to a serious degree. The BJP is biding time to smells the roses only to extort the best deal from their old alliance partner however eventually it would have no option but to surrender before Shiv Sena’s growling lion. Even being in this situation, BJP cannot afford to commit self annihilation (political suicide) getting aid from NCP, their arch rival.

We have to accept the fact that BJP & Shiv Sena are supplement to each other even if they had parted ways due to their respective political greed. Though, SAAMNA, political rattlesnake of Shiv Sena, had spewed bucket load poison at BJP calling PM, Afzal khan (Aurangzeb’s commander) and also dragging Narendra Modi’s father all along election yet that day is not far off when BJP & Shiv Sena would drop all their differences and patch up again to form the government because BJP’s support to Shiv Sena in BMC is also indispensable which is in BJP’s favor.

If Pawar is to be believed, he said Congress had come up with a proposal to help Shiv Sena to form coalition govt. with outside support of Congress and NCP.

POLITICAL FACTt: - The enemies prior to election turn friends post elections. The enemies are not enemies in politics. The definition of an enemy is like that of a friend in politics. In politics it is possible for north and south poles to come close & shake hands! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Are we living in medieval age?

As usual like Clockwork during an inauguration of a hospital, Bihar CM, Ram Manjhi again sounds like an majorly uneducated CM of Bihar with his dictatorial silly statement that he would chop off doctor’s hand if he/she is found guilty of neglecting poor patients as if India is short of such great leaders. It is high time someone educate him in his state that there are laws of the land to take care of such negligence. He pronounced his verdict like he is the law & he is the judge as if power has numbed his sanity.

Nevertheless, as usual, his own party in response to the nationwide criticism in the media for his senseless audacity & controversial statement, has detached itself and expressed that the party has nothing to do with his personal views.

This is cruelly ironical fact that India has never been short of such so-called great leaders who have no knowledge of the definition of democracy and are often found delivering such offensive views at their free will that hurts the spirit of democracy as well as country folks. It really amazes me that this comes from the land of Bihar again that has produced the best minds for this country who have contributed greatly to build this nation.

Mind it guys; if this is the civilized language of a CM running Bihar province in India then god save Bihar. These are the leaders who have got powers to run our nation. In my opinion, Mr. Manjhi needs the coaching and workshops badly for his speeches or else he would continue damaging the prestige of the Janata Party which has already been trounced badly in General Elections.

This is in addition to unlawful threat that was given by Madhepura MP, Pappu Yadav to the regional medical fraternity to get political attention and mileage that seems to be the constant practice of many political parties. Soon, the medical association protested & rose against his threat condemning his scathing remark.

You may have heard deputy Ajit pawar of Maharashtra who had remarked so offensively on water shortage issue in the state. I can go on offering multiple examples where our so-called leaders have shot off their mouth without looking into what they are speaking. Morally, we are to blame for all this because we voted them to power. we must learn from our mistakes and select carefully our leaders at the time of election.

Mera Desh Mahaan!

Friday, October 17, 2014


I dedicate this post to the eminent lawyer, Mr. Ram Jethmalani who has been fighting relentlessly for a long time in the courts to get all those names public who possess black money in foreign banks.

After nationwide uproar, BJP had lambasted Congress pretty badly in parliament over the sensational issue of corruption related to Black money in our country. Today, the same BJP gives funny excuse in the court headed by Chief Justice HL Dattu, attorney general Mukul Rohatgi that if the govt. flouts treaty clauses, no other country would have any treaty with Indian govt. It appears now that they are in power they are more concerned about treaty than the interests of our nation. Were BJPians clamoring to get to power or get back our black money? I adored Ramdev Baba a lot earlier since he seemed so concerned to get the BLACK MONEY back to our nation and now wonder what behind-the-door secret pact he has worked out with BJP that his volcanic voice all of a sudden seems to have become frozen for good. I have no doubt that his volcano would burst again at the time of next election. 

Regrettably & ironically, BJP harps the same tune today in the Supreme Court of India, what UPA played again and again during its regime that it could not expose the list of 700 BLACK money account holders due to the conditions laid out in foreign treaty that had been put in place in 1995 by none but Congress only to defend the big criminals or else Congress would not have accepted those clauses of the treaty in the first place before signing it that have hampered the domestic judicial process of our country for decades for black money. 

It should not be forgotten that after 1995, BJP had come to power for a few years but it did literally do nothing for the recovery of the black money to our nation or even try to modify the treaty in the interest of our nation. it is believed widely there are very influential people in this list who have stashed money abroad. Some of the names even could drop bomb shells over Indians if they are made public. 

If BJP is to follow Congress's foot steps then why did BJP assure the nation that it would bring back black money within 100 days of its power and also why it did come to power in the first place if they were to follow Congress's foreign policies. On one side, our PM makes rapid reforms to attract foreign investment but its govt. doesn't show the same & pure intent to do so for BLACK MONEY. It reflects amply that the black money issue is going to decay in the court for years once again during BJP's rule like it did in UPA times.

Now, Arvind Kejriwal's blatant & bold accusation seems to be coming true again that CONGRESS & BJP are fur of same feather that flock together behind the walls when it comes to mammoth corruption in this country. I sometimes wonder if they share the embezzled funds among themselves. It appears that this horrible cycle of behind the door nexus would stay forever in this country until the countrymen realize the brutal truth & defeat these two national political parties in the elections.

If you remember BJP & Congress were bashing AAP relentlessly day in day out when it did not introduce "JAN LOKPAL BILL" within 15 days time span as was declared by Arvind before winning the Delhi assembly elections. Now, the BJP is sailing in the same boat since it has not been able to bring black money within 100 days as was promised to the nation by our PM, Narendra Modi ji. 

The country has seen series after series of income tax, ACB and Lokayukta's raids in various states on our corrupt bureaucrats and politicians wherein CRORES AND CRORES have been seized with jewelry, gold and other assets. Our country unfortunately has as much BLACK MONEY within its territories or probably more than what is usually being estimated & discussed stashed abroad by dishonest Indians to evade tax. There is none paying attention to it. I wonder why? These are the high-profile criminals of our nation who should be behind bars for all their lives and probably be hanged like China does but ironically these culprits & crooks still at large seem to be the privileged Indians and probably busy selling our nation since they know they can not be harmed by pitiable Indian law system. Powerful Jayalalitha gets bail here and the innocent rot in prison for years falsely implicated in trivial cases.

Former BJP MP, Ram Jethmalani who had been crucified by BJP unceremoniously when he spoke against NITIN GADKARI to protect BJP's image, accused that Central Govt is trying to offer protection to those who had hidden BLACK MONEY in abroad and objected to this horrible stand of BJP at the center. He remarked sarcastically that usually it is the culprit who tries to defend himself but in this strange case our govt. is making their defense stronger by this stand. He also informed that he has written a letter to the PM and Pm's response to it is yet to come to him.

Let's wait & watch how & when our PM responds to his letter. However, I suspect strongly that he is going to go in silent mode again as he has done before on multiple issues whenever he decided so in favor of BJP.

By the eminent lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, the double taxation avoidance agreement (conspiracy) was only devised to fool the entire nation in order to provide safe route to big fishes who are involved in the crimes pertaining to BLACK MONEY.

The sudden change in this govt's attitude sheds poor light on BJP's intentions and u-turn behavior. Was it only to make fools of Indians that BJP constituted SIT promptly to probe BLACK MONEY right after it came to power only to design an impression that it is serious for NATIONAL WEALTH lying in disuse in safe havens of other countries? if this stand of BJP is not changed soon then it would to suffer greatly as it is going to undermine BJP's prestige across nation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Blessing in disguise & luck by chance it is; the alliance pattern that had been going on for decades has come to an end at last. Away from the eyes of the public, the political fixing that took place behind the doors, walls, curtains and inside offices before the election has been buried deep under the earth. The political greed what seems to be the leading trend these days has caused snapping of political alliances of all the political parties that ruled the roost here. 

Now, the people would know for the first time what party has got the voluminous strength in this state. Which outfit is the most favorite party of the people? After the results are out, it is pretty tough to judge which party has got exact numbers of seats if they have fought elections under alliance. One cannot even guess safely the vote percentage of each party in electoral alliance.

It should have been the case all over India. To me, for the first time, Maharashtra, has witnessed what seems healthy for the local politics. A neat and clean ambiance what voters seek! Every party has to depend on their own strength, popularity and social connect now they have established over the years. The Indians voters have got a clean (Free from any restriction or compulsion) choice now to vote for the party they desire to support by heart. Earlier, BJP supporters or enthusiasts were forced to vote for Shiv Sena because of the alliance and vice versa. The congress supporters unwillingly used to surrender their votes in favor of NCP and NCP voters the other way round.

As the word goes around amongst all the parties, it is the BJP that is looking strongest in the current scenario. This seems like a golden opportunity for BJP to stand tall in Maharashtra that was taking shoddy deals from their alliance partners. Seemingly, no party would have a clean majority though to form the government here. It would surprise me greatly if BJP gets thumping majority as was the case in GENERAL ELECTION. But post election coalition is still healthier than pre-election alliances because that offers a fair strength to a party that gets the larger majority.

The surveys conducted by several agencies so far have shown the BJP clearly leading all the local parties by a huge margin. I am of the opinion; BJP should have taken this stand long back to strengthen its roots.

Better late than never!


The better days were promised in almost every interview and electoral speech of Mr. Modi. Through out his election tour, Mr. Modi lambasted CONGRESS AND ITS ALLIES for the corruption of 60 years and sought CONGRESSLESS India yet
surprisingly he embraced many tainted Congressmen in his fold. This even reached the vertex of promised pyramid that after winning the General election of 2014, Mr. Modi gave a mesmerizing speech to the public in his State. The brutal fact is that the Indians are still hunting those days promised to them and living with the hallucination of BETTER DAYS. 

Having won the Elections Modi ji addressed thousands of people and said, 

मोदी जी : अच्छे दिन ....

जनता : (बोली) आ गए … 

As if Modi ji had a magic wand with which everything would be put into order in disordered India after the election. I had the same hope though from our PM but those better days are still miles away. 

Earlier I had mentioned a few good steps taken by our PM like promising foreign polices and the retaliation by indian forces at the border under PM's supervision and instruction. The concept of better days might be possible designed in his mind which is yet to take practical shape. It is just that our PM is busy attending other significant matters of the nation at the moment and later he might focus and address the issues of his country folks. 

Let's wait and watch !

Saturday, October 11, 2014



It has been long and overdue! There is a limit to tolerance. India has shown great deal of endurance for border hostilities till recently.

When flag meetings can not produce result for getting peace at the border then why seek for it. Orders are plain and simple, "No more flag meetings!" 

On getting final nod from the home & defense ministry, BSF (border security forces) have at last started paying Pakistan in the same coin with ferocity and broader volume. Indian border security forces were waiting patiently for this kind of retaliatory orders from the govt for a long period since India has faced unprovoked firing from Pakistan repeatedly on and off resulting in killing of innocent soldiers and villagers. With this, our PM has shown what he had meant by looking into the eyes. BJP shows nerves n guts to the neighboring countries.


The tragic news of Indian soldiers getting killed at the border was a common occurrence and would often cause our blood to shoot up on reading about it. I remember one such ugliest incident when a few Pakistani soldiers had crossed over and killed our soldiers mercilessly inside our borderline and in a daring act had also taken the chopped head of a soldier along with them. Beheading of lance Naik Hemraj Singh had prompted NATIONAL OUTRAGE. The Indians should have reacted strongly right after this incident since it had crossed all the human and war norms but such courageous acts are possible when we have a brave leader at the helm of affairs.

The horrific news was center of debate in the country for days together and opposition had grabbed the opportunity to bash up the ruling Congress inside and out of parliament and Sushma Swaraj was very vocal about it in the parliament.

During recent elections too BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi had assured the nation that his govt. would never put up with killing of innocent soldiers and villagers living near border by Pak troops like Congress. It was one of his promises made to this nation that has been fulfilled and I hold great deal of respect for his words being transformed into deeds.

Surprisingly, after BJP assumed power, Pakistani continued their firing & shelling at Indian border perhaps to test the waters if new govt would retaliate or be quiet like Congress. However, our defense ministry trod quietly on this sensitive international issue for quite some time and bided its time before taking a final defying call on retaliation to defend Indian border & lives.


Though, after years’ delay, befitting reply to Pakistan at the border by Indian forces exhibits the world that India is no longer a soft target as it used to be during Congress’ regime. This brave stance of BJP govt. might even open the eyes of our Neighboring China that India couldn’t be dealt with pressure tactics as earlier.

It seems like a planned preparation from Indian Side. It has been a wise decision that to avoid civilian casualties Indian forces have shifted the villagers to a safer place before getting into real action. It’s payback time. Now is the time for Pakistan to pay for what it has done to us. India has started shelling heavily across border where from Indians were getting random firing and shelling at odd hours. The tensions have escalated after massive destruction on Pakistan side. 

First India had accused Pakistan of starting cease fire violations and now Pakistan is screaming for it with an accusation that India has set back peace process as if Indian lives are cheaper in the world.





Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Where is AN OUNCE OF COMMITMENT for this drive that was aired for days among PM’s achievements in his glorification? The enactments of such political dramas have taken place in the past as well but it looked like something real serious to me. So much so, I spoke quite high of this drive in my earlier post as it seemed to gather national momentum but what I saw and read is something I had least expected. 

As the elections are round the corner, Mr. Narendra modi is on his regular trips to attend his political rallies in Maharashtra. Would you believe, after the first rally got over at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai, the grounds was strewn with lots of garbage like bottles, eatables and other stuffs. I am not saying it was dumped by BJP and willing to accept the fact that most of it would have been left behind by the people who attended the rally. Moreover, it was covered by media cameras and displayed in the newspapers and channels too that was speaking high of his clean drive.

Shiv Sena Candidate Arvind Dudhwadkar cleaning Rally ground when he saw trash during morning walk. 

You may recall that the Indian Media has shown Narendra Modi as the most committed PM till date and unfortunately the same media had to expose the poor commitment of BJP to PM’s cleanliness drive the next day of the rally. Where is the complete and wholehearted commitment of nine people PM had invited on national channels and those nine invitees who were supposed to invite the next nine and so on to create a national chain? It would be sickening if this drive merely turns out later to be another political drama with no commitment intended only to get political mileage out of it. 

Mind it guys, it was BJP’s rally that has begun this Drive. These are the very people who had read solemn oaths to clean India in front of the media for days together! And the very people leave their garbage behind on the ground that was clean before the rally took place. Is this the manifestation of dedication of BJP politicians, and party workers & followers? 

I agree here cleaning the grounds is not the personal job of PM, Narendra Modi but shouldn’t he have taken those people to tasks that were responsible for leaving behind garbage what had to be cleaned by Shiv Sainiks who made most of this CLEANLINESS DRIVE by cleaning the ground. I do not know if that was also another political stunt by Shiv Sena but I would certainly add they grabbed the opportunity to expose & demean BJP even if it was so.

Every political rally leaves behind garbage on the grounds and we have seen it over and over in the past but this is something I never expected from our PM’s rally especially when the CLEANLINESS DRIVE is in its nascent stage initiated by him. It's time we educate ourselves before teaching others.

As usual what seems the political defence and way out in India, the Blame game is on between Shiv Sena and BJP to take the credit for the cleaning. BJP claims it must have been dumped by Shiv Sena later because they had cleaned the ground but video footage of Media that had come for coverage would definitely reveal the truth behind all this.

Relatively, a smaller country like Sri Lanka having clean roads and cities has accomplished more than what India has in terms of cleanliness, quoted by Mr. Ravi Sinha, a friend who had visited Sri Lanka about 8-9 years back. Another instance, In Singapore, if you throw a butt out of your car then you have had it. 

This post is heading to PM’s office too for his reaction.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Of late, a few polices being pursued by our PM, Narendra Modi are turning out to be corrective and very effective for India. And Two of them that deserve special mention, MAKE IN INDIA & CLEAN INDIA, are being worked on aggressively and seem to be ideal for current Indian conditions though. The foreign policy and the mission for clean being conducted on war footing presently within its territory which surprisingly is picking up the national momentum and if it goes on like this at this pace then we may soon witness the cleanliness around us in India what we often see in other countries during our foreign visits. 

However, in India, it may take considerable time because to lift this CLEAN DRIVE to nationwide movement there has to be cleanliness in the mentality of Indians too. In the streets, we have seen garbage flowing out of cans and lying for days on and municipal workers barely performing their official duties in time for pick-up. 

With regard to FOREIGN POLICY, I would rather add here like China in the past, our PM, Narendra Modi has been the first prime minister of our nation to attract huge foreign investment from various countries and in my opinion, it is the best thing that has happened for the country folks since it is going to create healthy business competition here later on. Sadly by nature, the Indians are more corrupt and greedy compared to foreigners. More often, Indian companies have fleeced money off consumers in connivance with govt. officers and politicians at their will but the arrival of the foreign key players would end this exploitation business that the consumers have faced here for decades. 

The energy sector deserves foreign investment on urgent basis in our country since electricity companies have been given a little too liberty by the govts. to allow them to sell the power at eye-opening rates that too with the agreement terms in the favor of the Energy companies. You may recall that the Indian companies did not agree for audit until they got court's ruling against it since it is generally believed and debated that the companies manipulate the accounts in their favor to show less profit and therefore do not believe in transparency in the trade at all.

Every body seems to be gung ho about PM's steps. The initiatives are healthy and long lasting positive results emanating out of these policies are yet to be seen for they need consistent efforts.