Saturday, October 18, 2014


Are we living in medieval age?

As usual like Clockwork during an inauguration of a hospital, Bihar CM, Ram Manjhi again sounds like an majorly uneducated CM of Bihar with his dictatorial silly statement that he would chop off doctor’s hand if he/she is found guilty of neglecting poor patients as if India is short of such great leaders. It is high time someone educate him in his state that there are laws of the land to take care of such negligence. He pronounced his verdict like he is the law & he is the judge as if power has numbed his sanity.

Nevertheless, as usual, his own party in response to the nationwide criticism in the media for his senseless audacity & controversial statement, has detached itself and expressed that the party has nothing to do with his personal views.

This is cruelly ironical fact that India has never been short of such so-called great leaders who have no knowledge of the definition of democracy and are often found delivering such offensive views at their free will that hurts the spirit of democracy as well as country folks. It really amazes me that this comes from the land of Bihar again that has produced the best minds for this country who have contributed greatly to build this nation.

Mind it guys; if this is the civilized language of a CM running Bihar province in India then god save Bihar. These are the leaders who have got powers to run our nation. In my opinion, Mr. Manjhi needs the coaching and workshops badly for his speeches or else he would continue damaging the prestige of the Janata Party which has already been trounced badly in General Elections.

This is in addition to unlawful threat that was given by Madhepura MP, Pappu Yadav to the regional medical fraternity to get political attention and mileage that seems to be the constant practice of many political parties. Soon, the medical association protested & rose against his threat condemning his scathing remark.

You may have heard deputy Ajit pawar of Maharashtra who had remarked so offensively on water shortage issue in the state. I can go on offering multiple examples where our so-called leaders have shot off their mouth without looking into what they are speaking. Morally, we are to blame for all this because we voted them to power. we must learn from our mistakes and select carefully our leaders at the time of election.

Mera Desh Mahaan!
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