Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Blessing in disguise & luck by chance it is; the alliance pattern that had been going on for decades has come to an end at last. Away from the eyes of the public, the political fixing that took place behind the doors, walls, curtains and inside offices before the election has been buried deep under the earth. The political greed what seems to be the leading trend these days has caused snapping of political alliances of all the political parties that ruled the roost here. 

Now, the people would know for the first time what party has got the voluminous strength in this state. Which outfit is the most favorite party of the people? After the results are out, it is pretty tough to judge which party has got exact numbers of seats if they have fought elections under alliance. One cannot even guess safely the vote percentage of each party in electoral alliance.

It should have been the case all over India. To me, for the first time, Maharashtra, has witnessed what seems healthy for the local politics. A neat and clean ambiance what voters seek! Every party has to depend on their own strength, popularity and social connect now they have established over the years. The Indians voters have got a clean (Free from any restriction or compulsion) choice now to vote for the party they desire to support by heart. Earlier, BJP supporters or enthusiasts were forced to vote for Shiv Sena because of the alliance and vice versa. The congress supporters unwillingly used to surrender their votes in favor of NCP and NCP voters the other way round.

As the word goes around amongst all the parties, it is the BJP that is looking strongest in the current scenario. This seems like a golden opportunity for BJP to stand tall in Maharashtra that was taking shoddy deals from their alliance partners. Seemingly, no party would have a clean majority though to form the government here. It would surprise me greatly if BJP gets thumping majority as was the case in GENERAL ELECTION. But post election coalition is still healthier than pre-election alliances because that offers a fair strength to a party that gets the larger majority.

The surveys conducted by several agencies so far have shown the BJP clearly leading all the local parties by a huge margin. I am of the opinion; BJP should have taken this stand long back to strengthen its roots.

Better late than never!

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