Thursday, October 2, 2014


Of late, a few polices being pursued by our PM, Narendra Modi are turning out to be corrective and very effective for India. And Two of them that deserve special mention, MAKE IN INDIA & CLEAN INDIA, are being worked on aggressively and seem to be ideal for current Indian conditions though. The foreign policy and the mission for clean being conducted on war footing presently within its territory which surprisingly is picking up the national momentum and if it goes on like this at this pace then we may soon witness the cleanliness around us in India what we often see in other countries during our foreign visits. 

However, in India, it may take considerable time because to lift this CLEAN DRIVE to nationwide movement there has to be cleanliness in the mentality of Indians too. In the streets, we have seen garbage flowing out of cans and lying for days on and municipal workers barely performing their official duties in time for pick-up. 

With regard to FOREIGN POLICY, I would rather add here like China in the past, our PM, Narendra Modi has been the first prime minister of our nation to attract huge foreign investment from various countries and in my opinion, it is the best thing that has happened for the country folks since it is going to create healthy business competition here later on. Sadly by nature, the Indians are more corrupt and greedy compared to foreigners. More often, Indian companies have fleeced money off consumers in connivance with govt. officers and politicians at their will but the arrival of the foreign key players would end this exploitation business that the consumers have faced here for decades. 

The energy sector deserves foreign investment on urgent basis in our country since electricity companies have been given a little too liberty by the govts. to allow them to sell the power at eye-opening rates that too with the agreement terms in the favor of the Energy companies. You may recall that the Indian companies did not agree for audit until they got court's ruling against it since it is generally believed and debated that the companies manipulate the accounts in their favor to show less profit and therefore do not believe in transparency in the trade at all.

Every body seems to be gung ho about PM's steps. The initiatives are healthy and long lasting positive results emanating out of these policies are yet to be seen for they need consistent efforts. 

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