Sunday, September 28, 2014



Yesterday, the HISTORIC VERDICT by special Judge, John Michael D’cunha punished hard the first sitting CM, Jayalalitha, though the case dragged on shamelessly in court for past 18 years but with this delayed verdict, Indians have to embrace the proverb helplessly, ‘Better Late Than Never’ and make do with what is being offered to them. Yet, this special judge known for dealing such cases with severity deserves NATIONAL RESPECT for his immaculate integrity because the countrymen have witnessed so many instances in the past wherein judges have been partially or wholly influenced by the State or Central political pressures or else his/her monetary greed has been the cause behind judicial corruptions.

This verdict may have been the rattling cause of greatest joy in the hearts of honest Indians but given the painful fact that thousands of powerful so-called pure white fishes are still at large across country and they may still be digging gold abusing their powers in some govt office of the other. Isn't this a blatant discrimination in our system that some of them even facing the same kind of corruption charges against them that of amassing disproportionate asset and abuse of power for past decades are mile away from the reach of Indian Laws and roaming free in this INCREDIBLE INDIA because the cases are inching forward on snail pace in the courts for years and years? 

This particular verdict may bode well and look like beginning of Achche Din by Indian judiciary but this credit positively would not go to our PM who had assured ACHCHE DIN. It may be recalled, Mr. Modi had made countless promises on multiple counts like, inflation, corruption & black money being brought back with specific deadlines and so on but we are yet to see the fulfillment of those political commitments made by him during his electoral rallies. 

Do the Prison Authorities really follow Jail Manual in India when it comes to high profile people? Jayalalitha is believed to have spent the first day in Prison Guest House with amenities never offered to common prisoners. Is she a prisoner or Guest? I believe soon there would be a petition in the court against this blatant discrimination and privileges being extended to her. 

Since this post is about the greed let me add here, the avarice in Indian politics is so ugly that the power-hungry politicians here refuse to leave the govt. bungalows even after series of notices being served to them. The situation is like blood sucking leeches not ready to give up on skin, It even reaches the sorry point when the water & electricity supply is denied to them to get the places vacated.

The chief reason for delayed judgment in Indian courts is believed to be the fact that the Courts are overloaded with innumerable cases due to shortage of judges and courts and at times such high profile cases are intentionally manipulated and postponed by the veiled support of the State Govts that safeguards their political career and allows them to continue in their offices. 

There are thousands of vacancies in judicial domain and scarcely the appropriate measures have been taken by the successive Indian governments to take care of this NATIONAL MALADY. Probably, they want this status quo to continue only to protect their vested interests.

If you remember, when Mr. Modi came to power he had declared that all such high profile cases would be dealt within a span of one year. Let’s wait and watch if that would come true or turn out to be another fake promise.


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