Saturday, September 6, 2014


It is a matter of great regret that Mr. Narendra Modi heading BJP Govt. at the center who had spoken at length in his several interviews over and over about transparency, political ethics, values and accountability that he would be implementing in the governance before winning the national election is all of a sudden quiet on the issue of Delhi Election. How naive I have always been believing that he was quite different from others?

After the results of recent surveys and 100 days of governance, BJP seems to have lost its confidence for re-election or else it would not have made undemocratic attempts to form the govt in Delhi with the tacit support of Delhi Governor. It is unfortunate that the secret ballot process present in our system is nothing but an illegal and undemocratic way especially devised tool, a deceptive maneuver to form govt with loathsome horse trading tactics without letting the people know who voted for whom and who bought whom. 

The ethical code, moral principles and values seem to have disappeared for good or else Delhi Governor would not have thought of applying undemocratic procedure modeled by our shrewd politicians with an intent to get strategic advantage through it for such occasions and uncertainties. As the media news doing the rounds, the high light is that the Delhi governor seems to be over eager to offer this advantage to BJP. The question arises, why? Where is the honesty and pious character of Narendra Modi now that Indian media in majority was feeding to this nation day in day out who is watching with no shame happening under his very nose. Where is the wave of Narendra modi now that was served to this nation? Where is the confidence of Narendra Modi now who had promised better days to contryfolks? To me yesterday, he even reeked of overconfidence when he addressed the students of the nation that for next decade he is going to rule India then why does not he ask his party to get ready for re-election when majority of Delhi voters are demanding it. 

In my opinion, Indians would not have voted Narendra Modi to power had he spoken the truth before election that he is going to give bitter doses of medicines as soon as he came to power. Nobody would have stamped on BJP's electoral symbol had he spoken the truth before election that he would be the first PM of India to increase the railway transportation fare by 14% in one merciless go. He wouldn't have got thumping majority had he spoken truthfully that he would follow Congress's policy after coming to power which he and BJP spoke about. 

There is no doubt that Narendra modi as Indian PM has scored in Japan with a huge sixer, with over two lac crores Japanese investment but he is losing the shine at home consistently because he has not been able to curb inflation and bring back black money as promised relentlessly to the Indians during his rallies. He has not been able to stop killings of Indian soldiers at the border. Pakistan is bashing Indian border more ruthlessly and aggressively now against which Modi and his colleagues were criticizing Congress? he has not been able to stop Chinese incursions into indian territories. Where is the stand of Narendra Modi that he had promised to look straight into the eyes of the neighboring countries? Hadn't he made snarky remarks over Manmohan Singh's silence?

MR. PM SEEMS TO BE NO DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. There is a huge difference between what a politician says and WHAT HE DOES in India...

Mr. Amit Shah has confessed in Maharashtra that Modi wave is waning gradually but the fact is that there was no such wave. It was anti-Congress wave only and that too was created by none but Arvind Kejriwal with Delhi Revolution that unfortunately fell in favor of BJP because it seemed lesser evil for Indian voters. Indians have realized now that there is only one option left now that is AAP for transparent and accountable governance.

The Delhi voters would no doubt offer the full majority to AAP in this re-election to get JAN LOKPAL that Arvind had promised to Delhiites which only seems to be the way out to eradicate the maladies of CORRUPTION AND INFLATION that is deeply rooted here. 

Delhi Voters seem to be well aware now that Arvind had never run away from Delhi Govt but had sacrificed his SUPREME POST AS CM only because CONGRESS AND BJP had shaken hands to stop JAN LOKPAL in the assembly, a move that would help them evade arrests of corrupt politicians & bureaucrats and therefore there was no point for him to remain at that post when he could not honor his commitment he had given to Delhi citizens. 

Now is the time when Arvind can fulfill all his promises he had made to Delhi voters once he gets the complete majority in this upcoming re-election and Delhi voters know it well...
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