Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is a case of great dishonor to this country that the ACE investigating agency of India’s chief is under scanner for past fortnight. The entire india is watching this shameful episode in news channels every day that throws light suggesting on the detestable complicity of Ranjit Sinha, CBI chief to help certain influential people behind the walls of his well-secured residence. Had the existence of such a log register not come to public domain, none would have known about the sensational facts that has exposed the backdoor entries and meetings with undesired elements (high profile people implicated in Coal & 2G Scams and so on) by CBI Chief. This particular notorious case reflects that even after decades of independence, the laws are still not equal for top layer of Indian society since they have got pretty easy access to CBI chief that makes easier to them with wealth, political pressures and clouts under their sleeves. I wonder how come the preventive measures haven't been taken to stop this till date.

A few days back, CBI chief, Mr Sinha and his lawyer were desperate to know the name of whistle blower and now to the dismay of whole nation, Supreme court of India seeks the name that would eventually lead to irreparable damages to judiciary's image. A great number of innocent and honest whistle blowers have been silenced with gory violence in the past by the corrupt syndicate of politicians, bureaucrats & anti-social elements in this country. Yet, SC having known all these alarming statistics and also that it might pose a great threat to this particular whistle blower’s life as well, asks his/her name. 

why? Is SC trying to offer tacit favor to CBI chief who has been demanding to know the name of whistle blower who had pulled down the tower of CBI chief’s integrity to pieces? Isn't this a big question as to what is the purpose behind this strange demand of SC? Is it really significant for SC to know the source of entry-register for its sense of judgment? Why this sudden attention on WHISTLE BLOWER'S IDENTITY by SC than discovering the criminality of CBI chief who has already confessed in the court that he had met a few people at his residence who were under CBI investigation. In the past, the entire country has strongly voiced over and over for the safety of such daring, innocent and honest whistle-blowers and that even later compelled Indian politicians to enact a bill to safeguard their lives after so many decades of clamor and chaos over this issue. 

It is great news that in response to this horrific demand of SC, CPIL (center for public interest litigation) has refused to reveal the identity of this whistle blower since it is ultra important for the sanctity of trust that whistle blower had reposed in the supreme court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan. I personally salute this guy who has kept his word even being under immense pressure from SC. He is one of those who can never be cowered into submission and would leave no stone unturned to crush the snake of corruption from Indian soil.

Look at how senior advocate, Vikas Singh, appearing for CBI chief, perceives it, he blurts out funnily, “CPIL’s decision not to reveal the whistleblower’s name is both an insult and contempt to the court. Doesn’t CPIL trust the judges who had asked the name in a sealed envelope? Does the petitioner feel the judges would reveal the identity?” It is nothing but another way of exerting more pressure. This crosses the boundaries of desperation to know the name of this whistleblower. Lots of intellectuals all over India have criticized this unusual demand of our Supreme Court. It is high time SC withdraws its abhorring demand to know the name of the whistleblower or else it is going to hurt the credibility of our judiciary evermore.

SC's demand is atrocious since it has no relevance with its judgment of the said case. If you remember, CBI chief had initially rubbished the news that there was no existence at all of third register and it is nothing but a fake one. Presumably, if that is the fact then how come Ranjit Sinha and his lawyer have been demanding to know the source who provided the register to PRASHANT BHUSHAN? Their desperation to know the person's name emphasizes pretty amply that this register is genuine and they are after the facial id of the person who damaged his image beyond repair.

How come there is no CCTV installation at CBI Chief's residence till now to record entries of people visiting his house since he is heading the ACE INVESTIGATING AGENCY, CBI?
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