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In response to the national outcry over sensational issue of black money that is hounding this country for decades, our finance minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, it seems, has kept the interest of Congress above the interests of our Nation. It appears he wants to save congress from embarrassment. Or is he blackmailing congress secretly as claimed by congressmen in media, not to make too much noise about it or they would face embarrassment.  Through his statement to media he challenges Congress that if BJP Govt. reveals the all the names then Congress would be greatly embarrassed in the country. Is he trying to suppress the voices coming from Congress against black money account holders? 

Surprisingly though with obvious reluctance, the finance minister is willing to expose soon to the court only those foreign accounts holders' names against whom charges have been filed by Indian Authorities. How many more years are the investigating authorities going to spend over 700 accounts? Were they all sitting idle over it all these years? As it is they have eaten up decades over it? Is it that hard for our sleuths to find out what is what into all those accounts of traitors or is the investigation procrastinated by choice to offer undue favors to rich and famous of this country?

why not all the names?
who is he trying to extend favors to? 
And why? 

Mr. Narendera Modi had asked for only 100 days to get the black money back to our country. Was it a fake promise he had made to Indians to win the election? Did he ever say that he would partly fulfill his promise by revealing some of the names? In my opinion, this black money issue is heading to be a big blot over our PM's clean image.

Is BJP likely to be embarrassed equally when all the names are brought to public domain? Is that what is going to happen? Is Mr. Jaitley  trying to offer protective cover to some he is known to? or it is something that is unfathomable?

Moreover, Mr. Jaitley accuses the media sharply for misreporting the news about black money because BJP has always wanted to reveal the names as per the due process of law. That is exactly what has always been the usual excuse of Congress then what is the difference between BJP and Congress? Mind it, this very BJP was flinging stones & mud over Congress to reveal the names within and outside parliament and now unfortunately it is sailing in the same boat. Why is it so hard for BJP to reveal all the names? Who is stopping BJP? It baffles my sense of perception too. BJP must have a very good reason behind not disclosing all the names.

The entire nation is dying to hear all the 700 names in the list with the government because it is the constitutional rights of every honest Indian to learn who are those high profile criminals who had sold our country? who are those culprits that were busy embezzling money than serving this nation or being loyal to it? This black money is illegally accumulated wealth in foreign banks that belongs to India. It is believed that the volume of this wealth is so great that it can strengthen the economy of this country drastically then why should the Govt worry about the treaty clause when it is so important for our nation?

If you remember, Mr. Ram Jethmalani was on the verge of revealing the name of former prime minister of India whose name figures in this black list of black money but was silenced immediately by the roaring protests of Congress parliamentarians. Unfortunately, nobody from BJP supported Jethmalani at that time suggesting if he is the only one in BJP wanting to make it public and that gives birth to multiple suspicions on BJP's integrity and character. 

What really baffles me is that the congress in full defiance & in its blistering attack on BJP has dared Arun Jaitley to come out with full information, not with partial names. Then too, BJP seems disinclined for making the entire list public. The matter seems grossly complex and beyond general comprehension. The question that crops up in the mind is, are those people that important for BJP that it is becoming increasingly difficult to expose them? 


Wondering if my country is in right hands? The Indians had given the power to BJP believing that their black money would come back.
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