Friday, October 17, 2014


I dedicate this post to the eminent lawyer, Mr. Ram Jethmalani who has been fighting relentlessly for a long time in the courts to get all those names public who possess black money in foreign banks.

After nationwide uproar, BJP had lambasted Congress pretty badly in parliament over the sensational issue of corruption related to Black money in our country. Today, the same BJP gives funny excuse in the court headed by Chief Justice HL Dattu, attorney general Mukul Rohatgi that if the govt. flouts treaty clauses, no other country would have any treaty with Indian govt. It appears now that they are in power they are more concerned about treaty than the interests of our nation. Were BJPians clamoring to get to power or get back our black money? I adored Ramdev Baba a lot earlier since he seemed so concerned to get the BLACK MONEY back to our nation and now wonder what behind-the-door secret pact he has worked out with BJP that his volcanic voice all of a sudden seems to have become frozen for good. I have no doubt that his volcano would burst again at the time of next election. 

Regrettably & ironically, BJP harps the same tune today in the Supreme Court of India, what UPA played again and again during its regime that it could not expose the list of 700 BLACK money account holders due to the conditions laid out in foreign treaty that had been put in place in 1995 by none but Congress only to defend the big criminals or else Congress would not have accepted those clauses of the treaty in the first place before signing it that have hampered the domestic judicial process of our country for decades for black money. 

It should not be forgotten that after 1995, BJP had come to power for a few years but it did literally do nothing for the recovery of the black money to our nation or even try to modify the treaty in the interest of our nation. it is believed widely there are very influential people in this list who have stashed money abroad. Some of the names even could drop bomb shells over Indians if they are made public. 

If BJP is to follow Congress's foot steps then why did BJP assure the nation that it would bring back black money within 100 days of its power and also why it did come to power in the first place if they were to follow Congress's foreign policies. On one side, our PM makes rapid reforms to attract foreign investment but its govt. doesn't show the same & pure intent to do so for BLACK MONEY. It reflects amply that the black money issue is going to decay in the court for years once again during BJP's rule like it did in UPA times.

Now, Arvind Kejriwal's blatant & bold accusation seems to be coming true again that CONGRESS & BJP are fur of same feather that flock together behind the walls when it comes to mammoth corruption in this country. I sometimes wonder if they share the embezzled funds among themselves. It appears that this horrible cycle of behind the door nexus would stay forever in this country until the countrymen realize the brutal truth & defeat these two national political parties in the elections.

If you remember BJP & Congress were bashing AAP relentlessly day in day out when it did not introduce "JAN LOKPAL BILL" within 15 days time span as was declared by Arvind before winning the Delhi assembly elections. Now, the BJP is sailing in the same boat since it has not been able to bring black money within 100 days as was promised to the nation by our PM, Narendra Modi ji. 

The country has seen series after series of income tax, ACB and Lokayukta's raids in various states on our corrupt bureaucrats and politicians wherein CRORES AND CRORES have been seized with jewelry, gold and other assets. Our country unfortunately has as much BLACK MONEY within its territories or probably more than what is usually being estimated & discussed stashed abroad by dishonest Indians to evade tax. There is none paying attention to it. I wonder why? These are the high-profile criminals of our nation who should be behind bars for all their lives and probably be hanged like China does but ironically these culprits & crooks still at large seem to be the privileged Indians and probably busy selling our nation since they know they can not be harmed by pitiable Indian law system. Powerful Jayalalitha gets bail here and the innocent rot in prison for years falsely implicated in trivial cases.

Former BJP MP, Ram Jethmalani who had been crucified by BJP unceremoniously when he spoke against NITIN GADKARI to protect BJP's image, accused that Central Govt is trying to offer protection to those who had hidden BLACK MONEY in abroad and objected to this horrible stand of BJP at the center. He remarked sarcastically that usually it is the culprit who tries to defend himself but in this strange case our govt. is making their defense stronger by this stand. He also informed that he has written a letter to the PM and Pm's response to it is yet to come to him.

Let's wait & watch how & when our PM responds to his letter. However, I suspect strongly that he is going to go in silent mode again as he has done before on multiple issues whenever he decided so in favor of BJP.

By the eminent lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, the double taxation avoidance agreement (conspiracy) was only devised to fool the entire nation in order to provide safe route to big fishes who are involved in the crimes pertaining to BLACK MONEY.

The sudden change in this govt's attitude sheds poor light on BJP's intentions and u-turn behavior. Was it only to make fools of Indians that BJP constituted SIT promptly to probe BLACK MONEY right after it came to power only to design an impression that it is serious for NATIONAL WEALTH lying in disuse in safe havens of other countries? if this stand of BJP is not changed soon then it would to suffer greatly as it is going to undermine BJP's prestige across nation.

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