Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Where is AN OUNCE OF COMMITMENT for this drive that was aired for days among PM’s achievements in his glorification? The enactments of such political dramas have taken place in the past as well but it looked like something real serious to me. So much so, I spoke quite high of this drive in my earlier post as it seemed to gather national momentum but what I saw and read is something I had least expected. 

As the elections are round the corner, Mr. Narendra modi is on his regular trips to attend his political rallies in Maharashtra. Would you believe, after the first rally got over at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai, the grounds was strewn with lots of garbage like bottles, eatables and other stuffs. I am not saying it was dumped by BJP and willing to accept the fact that most of it would have been left behind by the people who attended the rally. Moreover, it was covered by media cameras and displayed in the newspapers and channels too that was speaking high of his clean drive.

Shiv Sena Candidate Arvind Dudhwadkar cleaning Rally ground when he saw trash during morning walk. 

You may recall that the Indian Media has shown Narendra Modi as the most committed PM till date and unfortunately the same media had to expose the poor commitment of BJP to PM’s cleanliness drive the next day of the rally. Where is the complete and wholehearted commitment of nine people PM had invited on national channels and those nine invitees who were supposed to invite the next nine and so on to create a national chain? It would be sickening if this drive merely turns out later to be another political drama with no commitment intended only to get political mileage out of it. 

Mind it guys, it was BJP’s rally that has begun this Drive. These are the very people who had read solemn oaths to clean India in front of the media for days together! And the very people leave their garbage behind on the ground that was clean before the rally took place. Is this the manifestation of dedication of BJP politicians, and party workers & followers? 

I agree here cleaning the grounds is not the personal job of PM, Narendra Modi but shouldn’t he have taken those people to tasks that were responsible for leaving behind garbage what had to be cleaned by Shiv Sainiks who made most of this CLEANLINESS DRIVE by cleaning the ground. I do not know if that was also another political stunt by Shiv Sena but I would certainly add they grabbed the opportunity to expose & demean BJP even if it was so.

Every political rally leaves behind garbage on the grounds and we have seen it over and over in the past but this is something I never expected from our PM’s rally especially when the CLEANLINESS DRIVE is in its nascent stage initiated by him. It's time we educate ourselves before teaching others.

As usual what seems the political defence and way out in India, the Blame game is on between Shiv Sena and BJP to take the credit for the cleaning. BJP claims it must have been dumped by Shiv Sena later because they had cleaned the ground but video footage of Media that had come for coverage would definitely reveal the truth behind all this.

Relatively, a smaller country like Sri Lanka having clean roads and cities has accomplished more than what India has in terms of cleanliness, quoted by Mr. Ravi Sinha, a friend who had visited Sri Lanka about 8-9 years back. Another instance, In Singapore, if you throw a butt out of your car then you have had it. 

This post is heading to PM’s office too for his reaction.
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