Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The better days were promised in almost every interview and electoral speech of Mr. Modi. Through out his election tour, Mr. Modi lambasted CONGRESS AND ITS ALLIES for the corruption of 60 years and sought CONGRESSLESS India yet
surprisingly he embraced many tainted Congressmen in his fold. This even reached the vertex of promised pyramid that after winning the General election of 2014, Mr. Modi gave a mesmerizing speech to the public in his State. The brutal fact is that the Indians are still hunting those days promised to them and living with the hallucination of BETTER DAYS. 

Having won the Elections Modi ji addressed thousands of people and said, 

मोदी जी : अच्छे दिन ....

जनता : (बोली) आ गए … 

As if Modi ji had a magic wand with which everything would be put into order in disordered India after the election. I had the same hope though from our PM but those better days are still miles away. 

Earlier I had mentioned a few good steps taken by our PM like promising foreign polices and the retaliation by indian forces at the border under PM's supervision and instruction. The concept of better days might be possible designed in his mind which is yet to take practical shape. It is just that our PM is busy attending other significant matters of the nation at the moment and later he might focus and address the issues of his country folks. 

Let's wait and watch !
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