Thursday, October 30, 2014


Especially in the times when the entire nation is up in arms against corruption in this country, the sheer audacity of former Maharashtra government is being criticized heavily from all around for its calculated move that bars ACB (Anti Corruption Bureau) not to provide any information to RTI activists pertaining to cases under its probe from coming out in the open. Thus, the Govt. has attacked shamelessly the RTI liberty that has been given to Indians since they have a right to information they may seek from all the govt. depts and mind it, right to information had been achieved after a long and persistent struggle barring a few top secrets files that can undermine nation's security.

Before RTI Act came into existence in India there was no way for Indians to find out what was going on in the govt departments. Everything remained in dark. It is not a hidden fact that with judiciary on Indians' side, how UPA govt was literally forced to legislate RTI Act in 2005 for the countrymen only after it was cornered from all the sides and the UPA govt had no other option left with it but to provide the law.

Now in the wake of this undemocratic move, Maharashtra govt is facing PIL (public interest litigation) against its atrocious stand in the high court. The petition has mentioned the big political fishes like, NCP leaders, Ajit Pawar, Sunil Tatkare, Vijay kumar Gavit and Chhagan Bhujbal against whom charges have been leveled including Congress leader, Kripa Shankar Singh who is already being investigated for his disproportionate assets and abuse of power. 

I am of the opinion that it seems to be the silliest step on part of UPA and soon it is going to regret for it because HC would not allow it to happen and either the govt would have to withdraw it in order to save its face or HC would throw out the Maharashtra govt's stand. 

This particular step on behalf of Maharashtra govt to protect their corrupt ministers has faced strong opposition especially when Indians are demanding TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in govt's functioning for decades.

To take ACB (Anti corruption Bureau) away from RTI's purview is a dirty plan against RTI activists who have been exposing the scams that were earlier hidden in the departmental files only for years and years. Every body understands adequately now what is important for this nation and what is not. No RTI activist in his right senses would dare to expose any significant and top secret documents or information that can jeopardize the security of this nation.

Is the commission of corrupt practices by ministers a matter of national security? Through this act of former Maharashtra government (UPA) it has clearly provided an extra shield to protect their corrupt ministers who are likely to be probed or undergoing the probe of ACB so that no information can go to media or public if they are caught red-handed by ACB.

The roots of Corruption are so deep in Indian soil that you get to read quite often about it, I read in the newspapers today that yesterday, ACB sleuths had nabbed couple of assistants who had taken 23Lacs from a person as bribe to get clearance with the signature of some big minister in revenue dept. 

The agencies that have been kept of RTI Act

ambit are mentioned below.
  1. State Intelligence and its branches
  2. Special branches of all police commissionerates
  3. All districts and special branches of police superintendents
  4. Anti Terrorist Squad
  5. Force One Squad
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