Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Who cares for moral values, political sanity & ideology !!

BJP kicks out its political morality and ideology for time being…

A few days back only, BJP’s leadership that includes PM with its juggernaut attacked so aggressively from left, right and center the previous Government of CONGRESS & NCP throughout its campaigns all over Maharashtra before election. In an impressively organized pattern, it bombarded its arch enemies severely with serious allegations of relentless corruption in the state like Adarsh Scam, sugar mills’ scams dependent on govt grants, land acquisition and irrigation scams. So much so that it slapped acronyms

to Congress as corrupt and NCP as naturally corrupt party and blamed that Congress and NCP together hand-in-glove were favoring affluent business houses & builders’ lobby and compelling the poor farmers to commit suicides after suicides.

Of late BJP that had rejected all the exit polls and staked tall claim of full majority prior to the poll results but it could not achieve it in the end. To be in good books of BJP and in order to get protective layers around it against corruption charges, NCP leaders stepped forward even before the results could be out with a tantalizing offer of unconditional support in a mussy fussy situation when Shiv Sena is not willing to backup BJP without a pound of flash.

It is world known fact that NCP has never been without power till date in Maharashtra since its inception. To an utter dismay to Congress, NCP trying to grab situational opportunity offered unconditional support from outside to BJP because it couldn’t digest the fact of living without habitual power politics.

And now after the election results have been declared, the Greed of power are showing so bad in BJP that it is seemingly ready to embrace corrupt NCP to form the government. Their party’s morals and values they often speak about are licking the dust of depravity now to accomplish their goals. 

In an attempt to secure a favorable bargain from their 25 years old ally, Shiv Sena, the BJP has opened its door wide with inviting arms for NCP as an option but in the end, they would have to stick to Shiv Sena only or else they will face a nationwide outrage and their national popularity would get battered disadvantageously to a serious degree. The BJP is biding time to smells the roses only to extort the best deal from their old alliance partner however eventually it would have no option but to surrender before Shiv Sena’s growling lion. Even being in this situation, BJP cannot afford to commit self annihilation (political suicide) getting aid from NCP, their arch rival.

We have to accept the fact that BJP & Shiv Sena are supplement to each other even if they had parted ways due to their respective political greed. Though, SAAMNA, political rattlesnake of Shiv Sena, had spewed bucket load poison at BJP calling PM, Afzal khan (Aurangzeb’s commander) and also dragging Narendra Modi’s father all along election yet that day is not far off when BJP & Shiv Sena would drop all their differences and patch up again to form the government because BJP’s support to Shiv Sena in BMC is also indispensable which is in BJP’s favor.

If Pawar is to be believed, he said Congress had come up with a proposal to help Shiv Sena to form coalition govt. with outside support of Congress and NCP.

POLITICAL FACTt: - The enemies prior to election turn friends post elections. The enemies are not enemies in politics. The definition of an enemy is like that of a friend in politics. In politics it is possible for north and south poles to come close & shake hands! 
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