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There have been predictions of deficient and sufficient rainfalls in India that are contrary to each other by the weather dept of the country, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). In 2016, we have witnessed the worse ever droughts in many states of our nation so much so the water had to be sourced to the affected regions via trains and tankers on regular basis. 

Army personnel guard the Munak canal, near the village of Bindroli, in Haryana

What a sight, the water is travelling in Indian trains! Though it may look strange but this has been done in the past. Haven't we taken lessons from our earlier mistakes. If we are facing the same problems of acute water shortage then what have we achieved all these years? Were we sleeping in air-conditioned rooms?  It's been on air on almost every channel how the villagers are hunting for water (life) and the situation is so grave in some areas that the water bodies are being guarded by armed forces at places by the local governments. In Bundelkhand, drought-hit, gunmen have been hired to guard water body of potable water.

If you look at the shocking statistics that keep appearing you would be horrified to learn that about 330 million Indians have been affected by this year's drought as has been reported by media. Lots of channels have been to ground zeroes to cover stories on this grave issue of water deficiency right on the center stage of our so called developed nation. Shouldn't we throw that tag of developed nation aside we have been chanting about in pride on and off?

Wherever drought has hit you would notice that for miles and miles the stretches of lands are treeless more or less. Majorly, this situation has been carved deftly by our own hands by chopping trees mercilessly in the name of development and also not taking enough measures for water conservation, tree planting drives and last but not the least is the massive corruption in irrigation depts though there are multiple other factors of water shortage. 

Mind it fellows, this is no nature calamity but a grave dug by our own hands. Every year we spend millions on awareness campaigns as to how important water conservation is for all of us. Do we really care for it? 

There are hundreds of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who acquire key positions in the state governance who are actually to be blamed for this utterly sorry state of our country. There are scores of corrupt charges and cases against them yet nothing really happens to them to curb corrupt practices for they easily get away without being punished. HAIL LOOPHOLES OF THE SYSTEM WE LIVE IN! Do you see how the tax payers money does disappear into their overseas accounts.

Water train brings 25 lakh litres of water to drought-affected Latur, Maharashtra India 

I had read a special write up on irrigation scams in Maharashtra wherein the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and Govt. Contractors who had amassed wealth illegally and shared the booty among themselves since 1984 till 2014 that was meant to be spent on irrigation projects in Maharashtra to get the water supplied to the parched land of the farmers who became poor to poorer under bank debts to make their ends meet. It's beyond our comprehension that the central govt sent about 74000 Crores to Mahrashtra's respective governments for number of irrigation projects that kept on raising its cost in the range of 700% to 7000% in some cases due to intentional delays and surprisingly not a single project has been completed till date and some of them didn't even exist in reality but on official papers.

I found the following content pretty relevant and decided to put it here for you guys.

पानी आजकल सुर्खियों में है
जिधर देखो छाया हुआ है पानी
पत्रकार डिबेट कर रहे हैं
अदालत फैसले सुना रहे हैं

बुद्धिजीवियों का चल रहा है चिंतन मंथन
कोई सीख दिये जा रहा है
जल ही जीवन है,बूंद बूंद पानी की कद्र करो
क्या क्या तुम करो और क्या न करो

यक़ीनन पानी एक गम्भीर विषय तो बन ही गया है
न जाने कितनों को ये प्यासा रख रहा है
कितनों से क्या क्या करवा रहा है
और ये है कि सुनने का नाम ही नही ले रहा है

तेल की जगह टैंकरों में पानी आ जा रहे है आजकल
उछलते कूदते नदियों में चलनेवाला
अनगिनत जीवों को बसेरा देनेवाला
खुद ही ट्रेन की सवारी कर रहा है आजकल

आखिर क्यों हो रहा है ये सब
ये कहीं कोई चेतावनी तो नही
सरल सुलभ हर जगह दिखनेवाला
अदृश्य क्यों हो रहा है आजकल

भाई क्या करे आखिर धरती भी
विकास की अंधी दौड़ में पेड़ों का जो तुमने संहार किया है
जीव जन्तुओं का जो तुमने क़त्लेआम किया है
परिणाम तो उसका कुछ होगा ही

क़ीमत पानी की नही प्रकृति की समझो
पानी तो महज एक हिस्सा है
गर यूँही खेलते रहे तुम धरती से
फिर क़यामत को तैयार रहो

पानी आजकल सुर्खियों में है
जिधर देखो छाया हुआ है पानी
पत्रकार डिबेट कर रहे हैं
अदालत फैसले सुना रहे हैं ।

हरि ॐ तत् सत्

कवि-प्रभुचरणदास कृष्णामृत प्रकाशित राममय सत्यश्री आचार्य राजीव आर्यनजी महाराज
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