Thursday, October 13, 2016


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My Countrymen, I came across this petition with a great cause today which we must all sign since I believe our country's martyrs deserve this. I have signed it the moment I read about it. It is high time we all do something for the free education for their children who have sacrificed their lives in the line of their duty. It should have been done by our leaders long back but we make concerted efforts supporting this petition we can still open their eyes by signing it.

Hoping you all pay attention to this great movement started by Mr. Maryada

Dear ashok,

I am so excited! Maneka Gandhi responded to my petition.

We are asking for free education for the children of India's martyrs and this is a huge step towards victory!

Maneka Gandhi has asked our Education Minister Prakash Javadekar for a favourable response to my petition.

Over 90,000 people signed my petition and made this happen.

I will not rest until my petition is a victory. I want to show the Education Minister that people want to help the families of Indian soldiers killed in Uri.

ashok, sign my petition and help me reach 1 lakh signatures and show your support for the children of India's martyrs. I just need 10,000 more signatures.

I am not a politician or a rich person, but if I get your support I may be able to influence the government and do something for our martyr's families.

Thank you for supporting me,

Maryada Prasad
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