Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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To open the eyes of NDA government over its inaction on OROP (one rank one pension) issue, former serviceman Subedar, Ram Kishan Grewal from Bhivani district, Haryana, commits suicide but the grave incident also offers political mileage to opposition parties in India. Grewal's family squarely blames central govt for his death though unfortunately soldier Ram Kishan's son was manhandled roughly by Delhi cops. 

It is really baffling why the opposition leaders who rushed to visit the victim's family to pay condolences were manhandled and arrested by Delhi police and on whose orders. Even Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh were not spared and were detained. 


Do watch the video clips on the links  below. 

It's disheartening to know that the former servicemen of our motherland have been sitting on DHARNA for past over one and half year and all these politicians say is that a committee set by the current govt. is looking into the matter. 

Before killing himself Ramkishan had also written a letter to the defense minister, Manohar Parrikar to implement OROP. In his suicidal note he states that he is taking extreme step for the soldiers and his nation. Has Modi lied to the Indians and deceived soldiers of the nation as claimed by Arvind Kejriwal. Why would a soldier kill himself if OROP has been implemented? 

On one side, PM on his joyride has been going around places, doing electoral rallies and claiming credit over surgical strike executed by Indian soldiers and ironically on the other side, his govt ordered a huge cut in the disability pension of the very soldiers. Moreover, some army ranks were also downgraded probably to lower their pensions. INKE MANN KI BAAT KAUN SUNEGA ?

Look at the fair intent of Arvind Kejriwal...

In favor of Delhiite Soldiers, the Delhi government has made a special policy that it would dole out Rs. 1 crore as compensation to a martyred soldier's family. He has also written a letter to PM to adopt the same policy offering 19 Crores to for the Uri soldiers who were killed by Pak terrorists to show that the central govt holds as much concern for the soldiers. It should also be mentioned here that Delhi govt was the first state government that had given 1 crore to a Delhi police man who had got killed in the line of his duty. Where there is a will there is a way! 

Ram Kishan was not only twice Rashtrapati Awardee but had also achieved CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF AWARD. Hope, his act brings justice to the Indian soldiers for whom he sacrificed his life.
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