Saturday, June 14, 2014


Initiatives taken by BJP Govt. look pretty good

In its initial stage itself that too within couple of days, Narendra Modi as PM has taken a few outstanding steps that really presage well so far as BJP govt's performance and intent is concerned. With regard to black money stashed abroad for tax evasion and before the deadline could expire set by SC, the Special investigation team SIT, headed by justice M. B. Shah, has been swiftly formed by Modi's government to examine all the pending cases of the Indians mired in this financial ignominy. Though, the expectations are high and the Indians are pretty hopeful this time around but it would be relevant to mention here that previous NDA Govt. did literally nothing for this issue during its rule. The rough estimate of black money lying in various countries is believed to be astronomical which is in Lacs of Crores however the exact amount is yet to come in public domain.

These positive measures could have easily been taken by the previous UPA government as well since it was under intense pressure but Congress dragged its feet for too long and never showed willingness to do something concrete about the BLACK MONEY that has been hounding our country for decades. It may be recalled that it has been one of the key poll issues in every election in India for a long time. In my opinion, UPA's inaction on multiple significant issues and series of scams that were exposed in its tenure are majorly responsible for its worst ever debacle in 2014 general election. The bilateral agreements about sharing secret information between Indian and foreign countries are believed to be in favor of the Indians who have accrued massive black money across borders in safe havens all these years and also to keep their names under wraps under the guise of bilateral treaties. 

Narendra modi's national call for debate on Article 370, related to special Status given to Jammu & Kashmir is quite praiseworthy and is something that has been avoided by choice for vote-bank politics by successive governments in India that includes NDA Govt of BJP and its allies. It is one of the key reasons that Jammu & Kashmir has not seen the kind of sizable developments and transformation other States in India have seen. It is high time that Kashmiri inhabitants realize its substance and show some eagerness for the healthy debate but unfortunately Mr. Omar Abdullah, CM of Jammu & Kashmir has spoken harshly against it and threatened atrociously that Kashmir would not to be part of India if this special status is taken away from his State. 

For the first time in India, PM Narendra Modi has kept all the ministries under check and his supervision asking them to keep him updated for their agendas of next 100 days. In order to straighten the bureaucracy in his cabinet, he has also met all the high-level secretaries from the Ministries and obliged them with special freedom to let him know of their personal plans & desires if any, through special email. 

Having been well-acquainted that previous NDA's Government was under heavy assault of series of Sting Operations that had undermined its image adversely before the election, Narendra Modi, as a precautionary measure to fortify the party's defense, has warned all his CABINET MINISTERS that they might face the attack of sting operations again with a view to ruin BJP's prestige and therefore mobile phones be taken away from the visitors & not be allowed inside any office. 

The address to parliament given a few days back lasting 55 minutes by President Pranab Mukherjee outlines & underlines clearly the policy priorities and comprehensive action plans of BJP government in the interest of the Nation whichreflects major tasks lying ahead  of  this  government covering literally  everything like women,  youth, children, e-governance, bureaucracy, judiciary, tourism, employment, energy, inflation, corruption, foreign policies, agriculture and terrorism. Prima facie, It leaves an indelible impression that Narendra Modi is hellbent to bring about drastic changes in this country. 

I wish Mr. Modi had time enough to look into the never ending sufferings of CAMPA COLA residents along with his prioritized plans for they have been crying for justice for years. It was the saddest day of my life the day I read that THE SUPREME COURT favored the civic authorities' plan to pull down all the unauthorized floors. Incidentally, Mumbai, Municipality has the real culprits in it who had originated the crime in collusion with developers way back. 

Being an optimist, I am looking forward with as much eagerness to see the fruits of what Narendra Modi has committed repeatedly in his interviews and speeches. 

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