Thursday, December 4, 2014


The media & Mr. Narendra Modi's silence over such an important issue of his constituency is damn baffling.


If reputed newspaper, DAINIK JAGRAN and media reports are to be believed, The Election commission of India has traced over six lacs of fake voters who cast their votes in Varanasi constituency of PM Narendra Modi. Where was this commission before election? Had it taken sleeping pills before? Why did it open its eyes after election? I have mentioned several times how EC sits idle for five years and does literally nothing to overhaul its system to discover fake voter ids. On the other hand, the genuine voters are denied their constitutional right to vote during election when they discover their names did not exist in the voters' list. Do we need another T. N. Sheshan in EC to straighten things out?

With regard to fake ids in Varanasi, General Secretary, Mr. P. C. Hamza said these findings, yet to be completed, were made after visiting every household by election commission officials. In the times of computer age, it can easily be traced as to when and how these ids were created illegally after thorough investigation. But who cares? The fake voter ids wouldn't have been made without purpose and without connivance of the corrupt people in our system.

Shameful, shocking, loathsome, abhoring you may like to term it with as many suitable adjectives as possible for this sickening findings of over six lacs fake voter ids in Mr. Modi's constituency. The horrible part is that the majority of the Indians are quiet on this shocking revelation and explosive issue barring a few honest people who are trying hard to bring it to the notice of the people.

It would be a misconception that the fake voter ids are on sale in India, actually it is the spirit of democracy on sale here. Besides, most often than not, you may witness the spirits of constitution, judiciary, media and spirit of polity on sale taking place so frequently in India. one can find as many instances as he goes on hunting for it. It would not be unfair at all to say that the entire country is sitting on a huge stinking cesspool of corruption. You can not even single out literally one area where there is no corruption in this country. No nation can make considerable progress being in this horrible situation with so much corruption around us.

Take recent example of an engineer, Yadav Singh, who was caught sitting over ill gotten secret asset of over 1000 crores a few days before and the further investigation later may expose multifold of what is estimated. One may discover as much illegally acquired wealth from scores of people in the govt. depts across this nation if they are probed seriously. The honest officers and workers can be counted on fingers as that particular community is very small in numbers. In our governance sadly there are more white criminals eating at national wealth every day, yet to come under the scanner of investigating authorities.

where is our so-called neat and clean, neutral print and electronic media? Where is the Supreme court now? Where is the existence of Election commission of India on it? where is our PM, Mr. Modi? where are the parliamentarians now that often speak of their intact integrity? Why aren't they voicing concern against this abominable crime that has maimed democracy in India with illegal fake voter ids?

You may be shocked to watch this video that shows manipulation in EVM (voting machines) for desired results.

This another video on EVM machine would without fail jolt you top to down pretty badly.

Are we really respecting true values and rules of democracy in this country?

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