Wednesday, May 20, 2015


#Auction #GovtProjects

The central govt has eventually realized what is the best thing for India...

Auction is the great weapon to crush corruption...

In the past, this country has been taken for a ride by Indian companies due to the existent pernicious nexus of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, corporate, contractors and sub-contractors that helps generate black money on large scale in a machinated pattern. 

Like coal auction produced massive revenue, the newly devised mechanism of auction of road building for national highways seems to be the best step by Indian govt. to attract overseas investors to generate resources and good chunk of #moolah through transparent vendue. This transparent and clean money generating process would draw other foreign companies dealing in other sectors too to come here for investment. The overseas companies are usually hesitant due to rampant corruption in govt. departments that leads to non-availability of comfort zone but if they get this sort of fair opportunity to do business here they are very likely to grab this opportunity.

First of its kind, this exemplary auction invitation to foreign investors for about 5000 Km road, would pave way for them to come to India and also it would set a fair grounds for the future investment coming from abroad. Also, this would help eliminate the age old corrupt system of this country that usually allows the Indian companies to raise their cost during the making of bridges, roads, flyovers, canal, irrigation projects etc.

This radical step will hit hard at the roots of prevalent malpractices in our system to a great extent and put an end to black money genesis in India. It has the substance to nail the corruption in its coffin for good. I had mentioned long back in my post that in power sector Arvind Kejriwal should invite overseas companies at the time when reliance power company was holding him to ransom during electricity crisis while he had asked CAG to go into its audit. It is high time that Supreme court of India make auction practice mandatory in every sector and every Indian State. 

Today, #NitinGadkari is believed to have told #TOI in an interview about Indian Government's upcoming plan to mop up around one Lac crore through the auction bid for road construction. This mustn't go unnoticed that it has come at a time when Indian companies are reluctant to invest in the road building sector citing large debt. 

I foresee a great hope for new India through it.
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