Sunday, May 3, 2015


#ManishSisodia #InaugurationOfBridge #MayDay #LaborDay #InternationalWorkersDay 

Have you ever seen or heard this in India before? 

Could any worker dream of this day of his recognition on this soil before?

A perfect LABOR DAY GIFT to workers on 1st May!

Let it be inauguration of anything in India, it is generally done by local MLAs, MPs, some high profile dignitaries or some celebrity. For the first time, a laborer inaugurates a foot over-bridge in Delhi. The credit goes to deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia. Moreover, the inauguration plaque is decorated with the names of construction workers for the acknowledgment of their contribution in building it. 

The names of five workers are embossed on plaque to commemorate their share of contribution. This grand respect that has been showered upon workers in Delhi is a dream come true and certainly beyond imagination of Indians.

What a deed indeed! 

Manish Sisodia may have been embroiled in controversy over recent mysterious suicide of Gajendra Singh in his presence & national executive's undemocratic functioning wherein four senior leaders of AAP were shown the door but he certainly scores here with his deep concerns for AAM AADMI (workers) that reflects distinctly the new governance's ideology in force in Delhi.

What was said is done here!

1st May is recognized as May Day or International Workers Day all over world but an opening of a foot over-bridge done by workers is probably first-ever notable incident in India. i would be surprised to know if this act has ever been done for the honor and importance of laborers or workers in any country worldwide. 

Kudos to Manish Sisodia and his Delhi Government! 
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