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After Dadri's cold blooded murder of a Muslim man over beef rumour by village mob of hardcore Hindus as if there is no law & order in this country, in another fresh embarrassing development, Writer, director, Saeed Mirza with a huge chunk of 24 film makers is to return national awards over FTII row & religious intolerance that has erupted during BJP regime. 

The burning issue seems to be getting out of control for the present Govt. as there are many in power like Vijayvargiya, yogi aAditynath, vishwa Hindu Parishad leader, Sadhvi Prachi etc. creating headaches everyday for BJP by spewing venom against writers who have already surrendered their awards in protest against people being attacked and killed for their beliefs. Barely a day goes by these days without a BJP's politician putting a foot in his mouth by giving inflammatory statement.

Unfortunately, there are many in writers' community and other fields who have condemned the praiseworthy action of intellectuals though. 

I personally believe the intellectuals are the eyes to their nation and therefore it is their prerogative to do so in democracy and seems wise & brave enough to protect the unity of this nation by giving their awards back.

 Indian Film makers Return Government Awards in Protest

If you observe the case of Shahrukh who expressed his personal displeasure over religious intolerance lots of voices from BJP and Hindu community inflamed the situation by calling him Pakistani as though there is no space left for personal perception these days in India.  The said issue has not only earned national criticism but international too. Recently, the most significant & crucial observation came from an analyst from GLOBAL RATING Agency that Modi & India could both lose domestic & global credibility if he doesn't take actions. 

Mr. Anupam has every right to lead the march to the president's house to counter the writers' move but what Mr. Anupam Kher reportedly has expressed seems dictatorial to me that "NOBODY HAS A RIGHT TO CALL OUR COUNTRY INTOLERANT" as though only he has the right to air his views in India. His sense of perception goes against the perception of President of India too as he has spoken against rising intolerance in India on three separate occasions. Is he trying to please PM through this march since his wife Kirron Kher is an MP from BJP?

A spate of Sudden murders of Indian writers is showing the horrific picture of how the sanctity of unity of India is being tempered with by some hard core elements in Hindu community. In August, M M Kalburgi who has been a strong critic of idol-worshipping was gunned down by a visitor, and his death followed the murder of a Communist Leader. Have we forgot the chilling murder of rationalist Govind Pansare who ran an NGO against superstitions. If one holds different view to something, it doesn't give right to someone to crush his life. Aren't we losing democratic values? What does it signify, tolerance

Two different Muslim men have been attacked one after another over the rumours of transporting beef, the other for allegedly smuggling cows. Is opposition coining these rumours? What is happening in India is turning into international news as well. It is bringing huge shame to this nation. 'SAB KA SATH, SAB KA VIKAS' & 'INCLUSIVE GROWTH' looks like a hollow slogan now that was merely a political ruse to win the election. Do you see peaceful picture of tolerance through all these incidents? TALK SENSE ! 

Even Raghuram Rajan, Governor of Reserve Bank of India, has expressed his concern calling for mutual respect and tolerance. The scientists, social scientists, sociologists, top historians, writers, artists & film makers in large numbers have raised their voices directed at the government for the first time in India. Why now?  Have they all gone nuts all of a sudden? Have they lost their sense of perception? Are all of them slaves to opposition?

फिर बदनामी का गवाह बन गया #राजपथ #राष्ट्रपतिभवन !

देश के चन्द गिरे हुए लोग #असहिशुष्णता #असमानता#असहनशीलता का आरोप लगाने वालो व् विरोध करने वालो के विरोध में मार्च कर रहे थे और बता रहे थे की हम में #सहनशक्ति बहुत है हम संस्कारी समानता वाले लोग है और #AnupamKher इस मार्च का नेतृत्व कर आगे बढ़ रहे थे की तभी #नामर्दो #हवसी की इस टोली ने अपनी सेहन शक्ति का तुरन्त परिचय वहँ  आई महिला पत्रकारो को देना शुरू कर दिया जिसमे उन्हें #वेश्या #बिकाऊ #कांग्रेसी #गद्दार #देशद्रोही करार कर उन पर चढ़ने लगे ।
देश की वो बेटिया निडरता से #भाजपा के उन #गुंडों #नेताओ #दंगाईयो से डरी नही बल्कि उन्हें मुह तोड़ जवाब दिया फिर महिलाओ की बेज्जती होते देख वहँ खड़े मूकदर्शक बने कुछ पुलिस वालो का ईमान जागा और उन्हें सुरक्षित उस #BJP #अनुपमखेर की नामर्दो वाली भीड़ से बहार निकाला ।

ये कोई पहला वाक्य नही है जब संघियो भाजपाइयों भक्तो ने अपना असली रूप दिखाया हो इससे पहले ट्वीटर पर #श्रुतिसेठ #नेहाधूपिया #अंजना #सानिया जैसी बेटिया जिन्होंने अपनी म्हणत से इस समाज में जगह बनाई उन बेटियो को इन देशद्रोहियो ने क्या हाल किया था देश जानता ही है ।
#Selfiewithdaughter जैसे अभियान की शुरुवात करने वाले PM साहब की जुबान को लकवा मार जाता है ऐसे घटनाकर्मो पर ।
बहुत हुआ नारी पर वार अबकी बार देशद्रोहियो दोगलो की सरकार

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