Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Indians, 

If you had seen the laughing faces of our so called political representatives exchanging their views among one another, shaking hands, after ALL PARTY MEETING was over that would reflect only one thing, the corruption would always be there we, the politicians, don't agree on JAN LOKPAL at all! In a way, they were saying, they have got the right to corruption since they have been elected in the parliament and they would run it the way it has always been running with scams after scams. It is amazing they often speak of sanctity of the parliament and assemblies which is abused by these very parliamentarians and MLAs when they throw slippers at each other, tear off bills, break mikes but when the Indians are asking for their direct involvement in the parliamentary process in the making of JAN LOKPAL BILL, they are ignoring the prevailing sentiments of the country men. 

Dear friends, we must take a lesson from our mistakes that we have made voting for them, selecting these politicians who say they represent us but in reality, they don't!

Think twice before voting this time around and vote for only righteous people who can stand for us in the times of need. 

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