Friday, February 28, 2014


Dear Indians, 
The hasty food security bill provision for the Indians is nothing but an electoral trap of the Congress for winning the gullible voters’ hearts. Why now? Just before the election? Are the independent Supreme Court and Election Commission sleeping?

Is it a true independence we are living in?

The Central Govt. has imposed 12.36% service tax on all the air-conditioned restaurants in India with a view that it comes under luxury. A little comfort is a luxury in the eyes of the Congress Govt. The turnout of customers in the AC restaurants is getting thinner after this blood sucking tax on food. Does the central govt. really care for the food?

When Mr. Shrinivas Shetty, Aditi hotel’s owner in central Mumbai, protested democratically by expressing his deep anguish with satirical words, ‘As per UPA Govt. eating money, (2G, Coal, CWG scams) is a necessity and eating food in AC restaurants is a luxury’ on customers’ bills, losing his clientele, the congress activists pounced on him like pack of wolves and forced him shut down the restaurant. The fundamental right to protest is also seized away by the Congress. The bitter truth becomes defamation for the center Govt. The whole nation watches in mute silence! Nobody comes forward to support the truthful and gutsy restaurant owner. The worst part is, the horrifying incident doesn’t embarrass the govt. at all. The police under congress govt. files a non-cognizable offence against the hotelier. Congress (UPA) doesn’t stop here; it launches a defamation case against the restaurant owner.

Welcome to 1975 emergency times!!!

Remember the famous saying, when we are sure that the truth stands besides us then it doesn’t matter who and how many stand against us!!!

You would be surprised to learn what the Congress Govt. at center is planning to do next. I heard it is going to stop all the pre poll opinions to be aired on news channels knowing well the results are not in the favor of the Congress party.

For instance, the central govt. did not realize lavishness at all when Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh had thrown deluxe lunch party for the political leaders at the cost of Rs. 7000 per person. Anybody with a little common sense can make out who is overspending in luxury in this country, the central govt. or the common citizens of India. It is really sickening that nobody bothers to notice when the political parties in India overspend extravagantly in election campaigns and misuse govt. machinery. The kind of money is spent in the ads of the govt. on state and national level is way beyond the definition of luxury.
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