Friday, February 28, 2014



Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to hold the attention of only honest people here for couple of minutes. I am sure, you all may be busy doing jobs and businesses to fulfill the responsibilities for your respective families. But do we ever pay attention to our national duty?

Are we really feeling less dead pieces of wood or conscious humans born with feelings?
When are we going to open our eyes to get Independence in true sense.

It is our hard-earned money that these corrupt ministers are amassing in their inland and overseas bank accounts. The corruption will never die in this country if we don’t vote against these corrupt ministers. Every second this country is being sold in some corner or the other by some corrupt minister, bureaucrat and opposition leaders. Every Honest Indian should vote against these corrupt leaders who are sitting in the government and eating at national wealth like white ants. Are we only meant to read the news about rape, killing, inflation and corruption?

Can’t we raise our voices against this corrupt system?

We all have to raise it! Raise it to such a pitch that it becomes a strong voice of the whole nation. If we really intend to change the corrupt system of the country then we must change the leaders
of our land.

Can’t we recognize the honest voices of new leaders who can bring about revolutionary changes in our rotten system?

We are not short of such leaders. They are in plenty who are worthy to lead us in right direction. All we have to do is look those new leaders who deserve to be in government.

Who can really change our tomorrow?

Why should we follow the political lineage and continue giving votes to them that do not have an ounce of desire to kill the corruption.


Have you any idea how much wealth these corrupt leaders have acquired ruling all these years?

There is a vicious nexus between these corrupt politicians, industrialists and bureaucrats. The corrupt is not only the one who is corrupt but all those people in power too who protect the corrupt.

The meaning of our lives doesn’t mean only having tea, coffee, lunch, dinner at restaurants and having fun at night clubs. We can’t bring new leaders if we don’t vote against these corrupt ministers to chuck them out of parliament. They scorn us and say we cannot change or make laws in the street. Let them have the taste of the strength of our votes.

Mind it, Nobody can kill your voice but your own silence.

We must raise it before it is too late.
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