Tuesday, February 10, 2015


At the outset of this post, I salute to every single DELHI VOTER who have been able to see a great leader in Arvind Kejriwal and have supported this revolutionary reformist of modern India WHO HAD STARTED A NATIONWIDE MOVEMENT TO LAY THE FOUNDATION OF HONEST POLITICS on this soil in 2011. I would like to quote here what Kumar Vishwas has written aptly in appreciation of Delhi voters. 

पूरब से पश्चिम तक पूरा परिधान बदल डाला 
एक बटन दबाकर दिल्ली वालों ने हिंदुस्तान बदल डाला 

And we all are aware of Arvind' journey from a common man to be a leader has been fraught with great deal of humiliations, allegations, embarrassment, ridicule and struggle. The qualities of a great leader can not be overshadowed by false commitments and mudslinging.

For the first time in India, an AAM AADMI, the most virtuous simple-man-turned-politician with a mission,  Arvind Kejriwal has got his national and international recognition & rewards for his intact integrity and resolve TO CHANGE THIS NATION which was long long due to him. 

We must not forget the brutal fact that a few days back only this very crusader was mocked at by Congress and BJP & other forces repeatedly with abuses, slaps, ink, mud, stones, eggs & what not. Yet, he faced it bravely and didn't budge from his place with his do-what-you-may-like attitude and stood to his grounds steadfastly with his steel-determination and tolerated all this humiliation for the love of his nation because he kept everything below his great mission. 

Arvind Kejriwal is one of his kind,  no less than a modern freedom fighter, a great reformer of this country who has proved his worth at last in the eyes of this country again though he had to sacrifice a great deal to reach here. He has proved he is the one to be looked to. He is the one to be trusted.

Delhi is well recognized and often regarded as MINI INDIA and being the heart of this nation is also an epicenter of Indian polity because every political party has office in the capital where from these parties take decisive calls to rule the states and the country both.

As I wrote in earlier posts this country would be grateful to every voter of Delhi who stood stubbornly behind these revolutionary people of AAP to maneuver Indian politics to a new direction that leads to honest, transparent and accountable governance. I am also obligated greatly to Arvind and his core team who led the nationwide movement against corruption in this country in 2011 and jogged the Indians out of their sleep and motivated them as to what they must expect from the politicians of this country as they are the servants not the ruler of this land as was perceived before.

This mind-boggling historic victory in Indian politics with such a massive mandate at Delhi has been beyond imagination of every political Pandit of India which I strongly believe is going to be a turning point for future politics of India. 

Thumping majority, clean-sweep and landslide victory are smaller words for this HISTORIC TRIUMPH OF NEW MODEL OF POLITICS that speaks of true independence in true sense. Now, the political wizards & analysts would have to coin another befitting word for this sort of monolithic win that leaves almost none in opposition.

This mandate is not hinting towards some minor changes in our system but a phenomenal political transformation this country is looking forward to.

This victory sends a clear signal to PMO that their PM can no longer show his back to the deprived and lower-income and middle class and face the rich and famous of this country. 

This verdict also signals that the voters are not fools to buy the cliche from the PM that a honest leader like Arvind be called as an anarchist, a naxalite and an unfortunate person who doesnt have the expertise to govern.

These results would also pressurize PM to switch from speech-mode to action-mode or else BJP would face the similar situation in the elections of other states.

If you remember, after winning 2014 elections, BJP had refused to give the status of opposition to Congress in parliament because as per the law it was short of few seats and now see the difference and greatness of Aam aadmi party and its politics that before even taking the oath they have granted this status to BJP benevolently. 

Contrary to PM's recent favorite phrase which he thought could attract the voters in his favor, it has been established adequately now THE MOOD OF NATION has got nothing to do with THE MOOD OF DELHI VOTERS. We must accept the fact now that INDIANS ARE LOOKING UP TO NEW MODEL OF HONEST POLITICS WITH GREAT EXPECTATION that can rid the country of CORRUPTION AND INFLATION and get them their basic needs on reasonable price what has been denied to them for past 66 years. 

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