Saturday, February 28, 2015


The auction at Surat looked like NOTHING BUT A DAMAGE CONTROL EXERCISE of BJP to wash off sins in the Ganges of this bidding sale as its proceeds are to be used in cleaning Ganga River.

This entire ridiculous & much publicized episode of this pitiable auction that went on for three days, raised multiple serious doubts about this diamond merchant who had sprung up at the time of auction to own up the responsibility after considerable gap of period with his confessional media statement that he had given the controversial suit to Mr. Narendra Modi on the auspicious occasion of his son’s wedding. Usually the invitees shower gifts upon the wedding couple but in this weird case the gift is coming from the diamond merchant (from wedding family) that had sent invites to the people for his son’s wedding.

Why did not he come forward in the first place to own up this responsibility for this super expensive suit right after Rahul Gandhi slapped allegation on the PM during Delhi Election.

It also sends a clear signal that this suit in question is no ordinary suit and it is in fact as costly as alleged by Rahul Gandhi since its opening bid started at 11 lakhs and rose up to be over four crore and thirty one lakhs. The exact cost of this suit’s material, gold embroidery and stitching charges is still shrouded with misty mystery.

PM who is believed to be an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s philosophy, 
values, morals and principles accepted this endowment and took pride in wearing wealth around his body on the SPECIAL OCCASION of Barack Obama’s visit. Though his words follow Mahatma and Vallabh patel but his actions pursue wealth. It is quite perplexing as to what made him accept this filthy rich suit to cause a headache for BJP. 

Would this meager earning of 4.31 crore contribute much to cleanliness drive of Ganga River where thousands of crores have literally been futile with no positive results till date that were spent by successive govts of India?

Instead of putting this mysterious expensive suit on this ridiculous auction the govt should have offered respect to our fourteen CRPF heroes with a decision to place their clothing and uniforms on glorious auction who had sacrificed their lives in Sukma (Chhatisgarh) fighting with Maoists in the line of their duty whose uniforms later were alas seen lying on the street in the garbage. 

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