Sunday, February 15, 2015


To me now, the watchman to India appears like a watchman to super rich and famous people of India? Obvious to the eye of commoners as current BJP govt. is believed to be govt of rich people, this particular stance of Mr. Modi favoring billionaires and ignoring the interests of billions of Indians is heading straight for a HEAD-ON CLASH OF TITANS in the capital in the times to come. 

It's a matter of great pride that every Indian now has got RTI privilege in our country but ironically our national auditor, CAG doesn't have RTI power in India and it has been facing problems in getting details pertaining to its audit of govt. finances and it's chief, Mr. Shashikant Sharma wants Modi govt to give RTI powers to it. Finance minister, Mr. Arun Jetly has been requested to give CAG what it deserves at the moment. 

Where is the watchman of this country now? Is Mr. Modi watching all this or he would only open his eyes when Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is going to clash with him asking for the powers of Delhi govt. that has been snatched off by Union Govt. 

"NA KHAOONGA NA KHAANE DOONGA" This unique & favorite phrase of Mr. Modi was often heard by the entire nation in almost every rally he addressed before winning the GENERAL ELECTION OF 2014. Subsequently, contrary to this pious commitment he had made to the nation, RIGHT AFTER HE COME TO POWER prime minister on july 23rd issued a notification curtailing the jurisdiction of the anti corruption bureau of Delhi govt. that made it completely useless. 

If you may recall, Arvind during his 49 days' rule had given a go-ahead to an investigation against former UPA ministers Veerappa Moily, Murli Deora and richest tycoon of India, Mr. Mukesh Ambani to probe gas prices. This entire exercise of our union ministry's notification seems visibly an effort to protect powerful people who supposedly fund all the political parties in order to make heavy profits and get this kind of protective shield only. it should not be overlooked that BJP had come to power on the promise of uprooting corruption and what it is doing is a full-on reverse gear.

It is matter of great importance to mention here that Aam Aadmi Party had instantly protested against this unjustified & repulsive notification and asked the union govt of BJP to withdraw it immediately the moment it was imposed on Delhi Govt. This unconstitutional notification is clearly an attempt to not only take away the powers of ANTI CORRUPTION BUREAU OF DELHI but DELHI GOVT. as well. If challenged in court with adequate judicial prudence, this order would not survive in the courts the way similar Mahrashtra govt.'s notification was chucked out of the court.

Like many other local important issues of COMPLETE STATEHOOD OF DELHI, ELECTRICITY PRICING pertaining to the interests of Delhi voters, this would soon cause a biggest CLASH between AAP and BJP in the future. If Mr. Modi did not concede to Delhi's demands as committed by him to the media then he would undermine his own image even more.

Please click on the files below, download it and read the complete notification of UNION GOVT:

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