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How many times Arvind Kejriwal is going to seek apologies for taking wrong decisions. The stubbornness does pay dividends when one is right I do agree but it also takes one's dignity away when he/she is wrong. This time around, Arvind has gone dead wrong on selection of his dubious MLA, Jitendra Tomar. What made Arvind bend his holy rules for his law minister, Jitendra Tomar is a million dollar question for everyone. The cops seem to possess sound evidences against Tomar or else they would not have dared arrest him. If he is proved to be having bogus degrees as it seems most likely to happen then Arvind would not be able to control the colossal damage for his colossal mistake even if he seek another apology for it. The worst part is that we are living in a rotten system where there is no filtration of bogus documents from genuine ones and Tomar has taken the entire country for a ride for years practising as eligible lawyer in high court with fake degrees. 

It is pertinent to mention here that Jitendra Tomar had shifted loyalty from Congress to AAP. The stories about his fake degrees were doing the rounds on various news channels yet, Arvind stubbornly accorded this MLA a special favour overruling the media reports and also against strong reservations of Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Not only he made him a minister; he went ahead and showered upon him the law ministry defying Indian media & opposition's sense of perception. He must have been a die-hard fan of Jitendra Tomar whose dubious degrees were fraught with uncertainty or else Arvind would not have put his and his party's image on stake on those degrees that looked prima facie fake.

It's a known fact that after Delhi's CM assumed power, he made a series of mistakes and subsequently he apologised for all those personal errors to win back people's confidence. How could his sense of perception be so poor that he could not judge between right and wrong when it was so easy for Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. 

Currently, Arvind seems so much influenced by flattery that he can not see anything beyond his coterie. I wonder if he is the same leader who made PM lick dust in Delhi elections and rose to skies overnight with first-ever historic mandate of 67 seats out of 70. The lopsidedness in his decisions has been observed right after he assumed power and became Delhi CM. Has the power hit his brains? Why does he look so dependent on his close pals now that he can not make his own sound independent decisions? 

Yesterday, it was the darkest day of AAP after his law minister was taken away by Delhi cops to be produced in the court for remand for further investigation and the remand was given since the honourable court observed clinching evidences with the officer. After the remand, Arvind must surely have realized his mammoth mistake. He was so much speechless that he couldn't dare utter a word after this dreadful sequence of his MLA's arrest but I am sure he would soon break his silence and seek another apology for his greatest mistake till date. It must not be forgotten that Arvind had given byte to media in daylight that if any of his men is ever found guilty he must be penalised with twice the amount of punishment written in the constitution for his/her crime.

You may read what Justice Katju said about this issue on 13th June:

Kejriwal has become a ' ghuta hua ' politician
Since it has now become quite clear that Tomar's degree is fake, it is now high time that AAP and Kejriwal should apologise to the people of Delhi for taking them for a ride and shamelessly defending Tomar.
Kejriwal should also explain why he made such a fraudulent person like Tomar, the Law Minister of Delhi, despite being warned by Prashant Bhushan and others of the allegations against Tomar. If Kejriwal was an honest leader he should have sacked Tomar earlier when the issue came to the limelight, instead he shamelessly kept on defending him and misleading people.
This incident vindicates my stand that Kejriwal has now become a typical, ' ghuta hua ', Indian politician who will do every trick to hang on to power. As long as someone is personally loyal to him, he will overlook his misdeeds.
Kejriwal should now stop taking the moral high ground. There are reports that other MLAs of AAP also have allegations of having fake degrees, apart from that lovely lady, Smriti Irani, who,of course, for this very reason deserved to be appointed Union HRD Minister . Kejriwal must clarify these serious charges in the court of the public as soon as possible

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