Saturday, June 27, 2015


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Every now and again, we read so many scams happening over internet. Today I decided to write about it on my blog so that you may be aware of how people get trapped online & take precautions. There are varied scams and efrauds going on in the universe of internet like banking, credit card, cheque fraud, auction, dating scams etc. The thousands of scammers are available on net and if you are a little careful & smart you can not be entrapped by them. Mostly, internet scammers and fraudsters exploit the ignorance of the gullible people. A lots of innocent Indian fishes even educated and rich people have been caught by these cunning & crooked fellows online. 

With regard to dating deception one must be careful of all those invisible people who claim that they don't have cameras on their notebook or computer, not allowed on workplace or webcam is not functioning. One must not waste time on someone who one can not see. Never ever give out personal details  like bank account, home address and mobile numbers to someone you met online. 

They would all convince you to deposit money in your account, all they want is to access to your bank account to steal your savings. They often sell lies that they are going to send you a laptop or some jewellery or something valuable to you. if you give out your phone number then soon you would get a call from some big shipping company or someone claiming to be working in customs. they usually all say they have discovered some huge sum of money and you must release some money to get it to you. They would give multiple convincing excuses that you can easily trust them on but they are all fake people in large numbers over the ocean of internet. Nigerians are infamous for such efrauds who have achieve mastery over it and often claim to be from UK or US. They even send you forged money orders to entrap you and instruct you to encash them. 

After a litter acquaintance, if someone pretends that his daughter, son, mother or father is in hospital then treat it as a hornswoggle only since they often use such excuses in convincing manner (modus operandi) to get to you emotionally. I regularly get such mails in my inbox and often inform their email details to the authorities but not sure if they are taking actions against them or not. Such people often use their fake pictures along with their fake family members in their profiles. They often use military officer's image to ensnare online browsers. It's a scam. To win confidence, one of such guys even convinced and trapped an innocent girl while educating her about online frauds. So be wary of such money hungry people.

Do not ever handover your credit cards for swiping to the workers at the hotel, restaurants or gas stations because they often work for such people and clone the details of your credit cards easily this way on such places.  Over the phone as well, they pretend to be bank employees and ask your card details that they are going to send you new card soon but it's a trap. Don't give your credit card details or OTP (one time password) to them.

Do let your friends, family and loved ones know how they trap people online and make them aware of such frauds. 
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