Saturday, June 20, 2015


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Every year, the students in Mahrashtra literally go through hell to acquire Domicile certificate whenever they apply for the admission in degree colleges. It is mandatory as a proof of residence for all those students born outside Maharashtra to prove that they are living permanently in the district/State and holding permanent address there. Unfortunately, the parents and their wards are unaware & get shocked to learn about it at the time of admission and have to rush in frenzy to acquire it in short span of time. Regrettably, there is no special window facility available to such victimised students in Tahsildar's office which I believe they all deserve in such emergency. And the govt. workers & officers treat them like they usually do in USUAL CASES who have plenty of time to get it done. 

The reason I am writing this post is because I had to face this frightening situation myself. Like many other ignorant parents, it wasn't in my knowledge at all and I got virtually panicky when my daughter learnt & informed me that how important it was for her admission just two days before when she visited her documents verification center which is must for every student before online registration. My daughter was born in Delhi but she has studied in Maharashtra only till date since her Nursery days. Why should a domicile certificate be needed for such a student is something I can't fathom.

To my horror, I saw a huge queue at Andheri Tahsildar's office and was at a loss what to do when people told me it takes usually 15 to 21 days to get it done. Nobody gives a damn to your problems in the govt. offices. I had to spend two days begging peon to higher ups to get it sorted but all in vain. This morning was the last day of online registration for my child, my wife was pretty shaken and on the verge of tears when the time ran out faster than in its usual course but luckily a wonderful soul working in the office, Mr. Narendra Thakur, Tahsildar showed remarkable compassion and stepped forward to help my daughter and made sure she had it before time. No words to express gratitude for such a great soul which is a rarity in government office. 

If you or someone you know are born outside Maharashtra you better make sure to prepare DOMICILE CERTIFICATE beforehand.

The following is mentioned on a govt website: 

What is a Domicile Certificate and Why is it Needed?

A Residence Certificate is a proof to ensure that the person bearing the Certificate is a Resident of the District / State by which the Certificate is being issued. This Certificate is required as proof of residence to avail Residence / Resident Quotas in educational institutions and in the Government Service, and also in case of jobs where local residents are preferred. It is needed of all categories of people
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