Sunday, June 14, 2015


In India, most of the private schools and colleges are owned by Indian corporators, MLAs, MPs, bureaucrats, politicians, their friends and relatives who have amassed their capital and assets exponentially within short span of time. All these colleges were built with government grants and aids while they were in power. They all hold significant positions in school and college managements and have huge stakes in them. All these schools and colleges fleece off money from the parents hiking their fees every now and then. Though at times, parents unite and raise voices against this gross injustice but all in vain since nothing happens in the end in this country. The media covers their grievances and tries to help them but their efforts lay in futility.

During admissions all the colleges charge processing fees exorbitantly from each applicant category wise. If one is applying for two categories then he/she has to dole out twice the amount of that fee. Whether one takes or gets admission in the college or not, the processing fee is not refunded. Literally every college sends message to students' phone numbers, only god knows how they get data of every student, and ask them to apply for admission. I was reading the instructions for filling online forms and I was aghast to learn about this blatant extortion that takes place in every college across our nation. For example:- if thousand students apply in a college with the processing fee of 2500/- then it adds up to 25,00,000 Lakhs non-refundable amount and that has nothing to do with his/her yearly fees which eats up savings of the parents . This unjust yet organized legal exaction bleeds countrymen year by year. 

A big segment of Indians possesses black money in our country hence doesn't get affected by it at all but the ones who are at receiving ends are poor and middle classes of India. Moreover, the quota system existent in the private educational institutions offers the management freedom to plunder India legitimately and subsequently the meritorious candidates helplessly watch it happen like mute spectators and hardly get berth in the colleges of their choice. More than 700 MBBS seats were sold openly between 35 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs each in MP that is still under investigation and that accrues to whopping over 200 crore illegal wealth in medical field.

Do we need emergence of another revolution on our soil to crush this massive clamant corruption in educational sector that is decaying India on yearly basis? 
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