Saturday, July 11, 2015


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I appreciate the way Ranbir has taken initiative for Students' cause

An eye catching phrase on FTII's wall against his selection.

The students marching on streets of Pune crying for justice.

The brain behind this striking caption deserves all the praise.

The students have shown great deal of patience and determination with non-violent & peaceful protests.
I & B Minister, 
Arun Jaitley didn't care at all to look into the poor credentials of Mr. Gajendra Chauhan and appointed him recklessly as the chairman of FTII. It appears an obvious case of power abuse to me. The only thing that Mr. Gajendra has to his credit is his nationwide popular performance as YUDHISHTRA which ironically seemed an illustrious asset to BJP government. What they overlooked during his selection was his multiple third-rate (C-grade) films like "KHULI KHIDKI" TAPISH" "ROOPA RANI RAMKALI" etc. that adequately shows kind of cinema he has believed in or else he would not have dreamed of doing those sleazy low class movies for which mainly he is facing tremendous protests from all over India. 

Only an incompetent person would have approved of such credentials for this eminent po
st. Are there no brains in BJP government that they could not fine better option for this post than proposing his candidature for it? The majority of the people from Bollywood are dead against his appointment. Though on the other side, Mr. Gajendra has some Bollywood support on his side but he should introspect honestly into his being and realize what he should be doing ideally at this moment. Out of his foolish ignorance, he is trying for a post that he doesn't deserve at all. Look at how he is showing his brilliance, why he deserves it... 

The FTII (The film & television Institute of India) is highly respected institute for film making education. This institute deserves the best faculties who understand the world cinema and guide the students to excellence. The students have expressed due anger against his selection for this highest post in FTII.

I believe strongly that Gajendra Chauhan has been duly insulted by FTII student as they dubbed him as, "POLITICAL GARBAGE." I am amazed that the strike of 30 days and the suffering of such a 
huge insult has not opened his eyes till date. After all this protest and outcry Mr. Gajendra himself should have tendered his resignation. 

Isn't this high time that FTII become independent to choose the best brains to run it? Though BJP Government has not surrendered yet stubbornly 
before the genuine concern of students but eventually it would have to bow down before their legitimate demand of his removal. Arun Jaitley may have won the supreme court cases in large number but he is going to lose this case for sure before the undying determination of the FTII students in public court. This strike is going to gobble up his prestige in the end.

As usual, it doesn't fail to offer me immense pleasure when I observe people fighting for their right with spectacular unity. The students deserve all the laurels and honour for their massive strength & genuine rebellion. Their outstanding skill manifests in great degree below in their every poster and placard of their strike in order to safeguard the dignity and improve the standards of their institute. 

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