Thursday, July 2, 2015


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Though, I do not know much about Lalit Modi's credentials, the former IPL commissioner, but I am admiring & enjoying personally every bit of what he is doing these days. Abruptly, he has manifested remarkable strength defying the major political entities of this country. With his every tweet he is dropping bombs in India from London that is resulting into political twisters one after another. I could never imagine that a man sitting thousand miles away could stir up such a massive storm on Indian soil merely with his tweets.


THE BEST PART IS, he is suddenly claiming to be a crusader against the corruption in India. Besides, as usual he is also projecting himself to be a victim of it and daringly challenges that there is none in India who can stop him from doing what is doing. He has been quiet all these years being in London. Where has he found this miraculous strength from? What made him turn into a whistle blower? he is sparing none & speaking about and against powerful people of India like Sonia Gandhi, priyanka, robert Vadra, Varun Gandhi, power-wielding bureaucrats, Sudhanshu Mittal, KAPIL SIBBAL etc. This kind of utter confidence is rarely seen in the kind of person he is since he wields the huge network of high profile bureaucratic & political connections in India. 
The people like him are usually perceived to be timid & manipulators in the corridors of power since they can not afford to offend the people sitting in powerful positions. There seems to be certain amount of credibility in his actions since they are producing massive reactions here and that doesn't happen without the existence of truth in his statements. With the exposure of his strong ties with Sushma Swaraj, her husband and daughter Bansuri and Sushma Swaraj's amoral support for his visa documents he has attracted every Indian's attention towards him.

So much so, he made our PM so helpless and speechless that he has abruptly gone into silent mode. We must no forget his famous thundering & roaring against former PM, Manmohan Singh's unbearable silence. 

If he has been an absconder of Indian law then how come all the big political ministers & leaders from ruling and opposition party kept meeting this criminal in London.

Was he really a scapegoat of the corruption in Indian cricket and politics? If there is truth in Lalit Modi's claims of being a fighter against corruption then he may turn out to be a hero in the eyes of media since he is the one who is helping them raise their TRP every minute, every day. To me, this looks like a golden opportunity for this tweetmaster to come out as a HERO if he continues to expose the big fishes in India. 

In the past we have seen so many incidents wherein such whistle blowers have faced great deal of heat from the above and some of them have even been killed  since the people who want the corruption to continue are quite mighty & powerful. He is pretty much in the line of their firing now. Let's see if he survives it.

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