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I read an appeal today made to our PM that jolted me so hard that I had to write this post on this ultra-important issue of subsidy. Taking everything into account, their royal life styles, assets & wealth, today's politicians are no less than the kings and queens of ancient India. They virtually enjoy all kinds of numerous luxuries, perks, privileges and amenities that were the prerogatives of only the Kings, queens, his/her family of rich & famous and his ministers and his loved ones.

The "Give It Up" slogan is believed to be coined by none but PM, Narendra Modi but hasn't he forgot to take look at his parliament. The sudden bombardment of #GiveupGas & anti-subsidy ads campaigns on every channels are depicting as if India is suffering from some severe subsidy-crisis which in turn is hurting our economy immensely but can one overlook the largesse & open-handedness of irrational racket of subsidies in govt canteens our parliamentarians, Rajya sabha members & other elected members of assemblies across nation are revelling in scores of subsidized amenities, comforts, travel allowances and facilities. 

PM pays Rs. 29 for his lunch at parliament canteen
In literal sense, they all are living king-size lives but are shamelessly asking the nation to shed off subsidized items voluntarily but on their front, they all seem to be so callous with their their eyes closed and ears plugged that they aren't ready to give up what they are using for decades and what they can comfortably surrender. Furthermore, they do not hesitate to usurp whatever they can lay their hands on during their tenure and a few corrupt even indulge in loot & plunder of national wealth. 

They are miles and miles away from the Inflation of this country. Do they every spend a single penny from their pockets on their own? Everything they are using is given to them by tax payers. Can these super rich dudes who have millions in their bank accounts feel the pain of inflation who have not been affected by it at all. Can these so-called rich servants, Jan Sevaks, Chowkidars, sense what stressful lives an ordinary Indian is facing on every day basis?
The following appeal to our PM from Mr. Deenu that gripped & touched my heart.

Deenu Deenu

दीनू कहता है :-

माननीय प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी,

पूरे भारत मे एक ही जगह ऐसी है जहां से आप अपनी गैंग ओप्रटे करते हो, और गैंग के हर सदस्य की पगार है लगभग 80,000 रूपये महीना, वो भी बिना income tax के, और उनके लिए आपने खाने का सब से सस्ता ढाबा इंडियन पार्लियामेंट कैंटीन के नाम से खोल रखा है जिसका मीनू नीचे वर्णित है :-

चाय = 1.00

सूप = 5.50

दाल = 1.50

खाना = 2.00

चपाती = 1.00

चिकन = 24.50

डोसा = 4.00

बिरयानी = 8.00

मछली = 13.00

सच में, बिना खाए ही मुहँ ने हर पकवान का स्वाद चख लिया

हमारी आप से एक विनती है कि आप चाहे बाकी सारी योजनायें बंद कर दीजिये, मत लाइए काला धन विदेशों से, मत कीजिये विकास, मत चलाइये बुलेट ट्रैन,

बस संसद भवन जैसी कैन्टीने हर शहर में, हर गांव में हर दस किलोमीटर पर खुलवा दीजिये, और नाम रख दें "मोदी ढाबा"

29 रूपये र्मे भरपेट खाना मिलेगा । 80% लोगों का घर चलाने का लफड़ा ही खतम । ना सिलेंडर लाना, ना राशन की आवश्यकता ! बस चारों तरफ खुशियाँ खुशियाँ ही रहेगी।

फिर हम कहेंगे सब का साथ, सब का विकास । सबसे बडा फायदा, 1 र् किलो गेहूँ नहीं देना पडेगा, और जेटली जी को ये ना कहना पडेगा कि "मिडिल क्लास लोग अपने हिसाब से घर चलायें..!"

मोदी जी बस इतना सा काम अगर आप कर दें तो कसम है आपकी पूरे भारत में AAP और Congress तो क्या, हम किसी भी पार्टी को उभरने नहीं दें गे, हमेशा हमेशा के लिए आपको ही अपना सर्वोपरी मानें गे
क्यों भाई... ठीक ऐ ना ठीक ...

The subsidized rates at which our Parliamentarians enjoy deluxe & epicurean buffet at the Canteen of the Temple of Democracy are as follows :-

Masala Dosa – Rs 6
Rice Plate – Rs 4
Boiled Vegetables – Rs 5
Biryani – Rs 12
Curd – Rs 3
Veg Soup – Rs 4
Idli Sambhar – Rs 2
Mutton Curry with Bone – Rs 20
Fish Fried with Chips – Rs 25
Mutton Cutlet – Rs 18

The RTI Activist, Subhash Kumar Agarwal exposed this whopping VVIP discrimination but its not important who brought it before the eyes of the nation, what matters is that finally it was uncovered and now it will be pretty exciting to see what action will be taken by PM to change this shocking & shameful culture of VVIP civilization by BJP Government that is under constant fire after this inglorious revelation.
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