Wednesday, July 8, 2015


#SaveElectrity #SavePower #Global warming



India has been facing acute shortage of electricity with lots of power-cuts across nation yet Indians are wasting it pan India. There are several Independent States where electricity goes off for hours together and one of the reasons for this shortage is that we are wasting it extensively & not using it sparingly only when we need it. Due to this abrupt absence of power in their cities people have to spend sleepless nights when they suffer from failure of electric power in the night hours. It becomes extremely intolerable especially in the summer season since it is unbearably hot at places in Northern belt.

Today, with the intent to donate books, I happened to visit the school where my daughter was studying past two years. I was aghast to see an empty room with ceiling fan and lights on, a horrifying sight of a criminal wastage. This blew the lid off me instantly which incidentally is pretty usual scene in private homes, bungalows, offices, Govt. accommodation and Govt offices in India. I couldn't bear it happening at educational institute, looked for the concerned person and spotted a peon sitting nearby. I asked him, why the power is on when there is none there in the room. 

The peon replied the guy has just left for the lunch and would be back soon. I asked him to put it off right away. He wouldn't budge until I put some sense into him. He sent the boy sitting next to him to put it off.  When I told him I would like to speak to the man who left the room without putting off power, he said I would have to wait until he finishes his lunch. I had no time to wait, I said and asked him to show me the room. He gestured toward it and I went straight into a room where couple of people were having lunch and asked who Mr. Prabhu is. One of them said, he is Prabhu and asked me to wait till he finishes his lunch. I said I just came to advise him not to waste the power of the room where he sits. As it is our country is suffering from shortage and he is wasting it. Having understood the purpose of my visit, he became grim & apologized for it and said he would be careful in the future. 

This cardinal wastage goes on every day in almost every home and Govt. Office in India where the entire home or office is lit uselessly while one or two person are sitting in other room. Recently, I had seen a shocking TV coverage a month back or so on power wastage in India wherein they caught people on camera in their homes and offices wasting electricity. 

In the times when power companies are allowed to overcharge for supplying power to plunder India, the conservation of power serves many purposes like it saves your money as well as you help stop global warming. Some of the smart companies are making use of new technology with installation of power sensor. The moment you enters the room, the lights get flicked on and as you step out, it goes off instantly.  

At home, I make sure my wife and daughters do not waste it at all therefore I would request every reader to do the same to save money, the country & the planet by using it only when one needs it. Trust me fellows, I have been able to save considerably on electricity bills every month that used to be inflated before I started taking precautions. Make sure you change your habits & make appliances that operate on electricity more energy efficient at your home and office. 

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