Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Just few days back, I was discussing with my family members that we might soon witness a few fire break-outs in some important government buildings or the other where crucial documents of prime importance would burn to ashes leaving behind no shred of evidence since it is believed largely that some corrupt govt. employees IN CONNIVANCE WITH THE HIGHER-UPS commit them deliberately to cover up their sins so that the investigators can never trace them for their malpractices. 

This morning again to my horror, I watched the sad news and reminded my family of the same fact that some fire took place at 7th floor of Shashtri Bhavan (named after 2nd Prime minister, Lal Bahadur Shashri) at about 9.40 am, a key government building where they have multiple ministries' offices like Mines, Corporate Affairs & social justice, chemicals and petrochemicals, culture, women and child development, youth affairs, coal, human resources development, information and broadcasting, Law and Justice etc. at Delhi. Luckily, there is no reportage of any casualty. To curb the damages, the fire engines were rushed to the spot & it took them about 1-2 hrs to control and extinguish the fire.

The fire started from the office of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and spread to the adjoining offices of I & B and Child Development Ministry too. it is the subject of the news that stacks of important files have been brought to ashes by this fire. These kinds of fire break-outs might crop up more as they are rumored to offer the best escape rout to the corrupt bureaucrats and govt. employees for their sins.

It is very significant to discuss here that these kinds of dubious fires take place round about majorly at the early hour of the govt. offices before the entire staff enters the building. In majority, the timing and modus operandi are the common factors in such ravaging fires. And in the times of so much advancement, short-circuit issue is never tackled effectively with the help of state-of-the- art technology especially in the government buildings where there exist the documents of paramount importance. Surprisingly, the fire alarms installed with water sprayers in govt buildings hardly function at the time of such emergencies the way they do in private sectors. 

The main reason behind this particular fire is yet to be ascertained though as usual short-circuit issue is being discussed for it. However, the forensic experts have been sent to the spot to find out the real reason behind this fire. The extent of the loss in this fire is yet to be brought to the notice of media. 
The fires are believed to be the main cause of destruction of human lives and properties but in this context the fire has saved many corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of this country who deliberately plan and execute such horrendous fires to get away comfortably from the clutches of laws. 

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