Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Even after the great revolution that was spearheaded by Arvind at Delhi couple of year back, the corruption in India is spreading its deadly tentacles so rapidly these days that it is something no one would be able to digest. What seems to be wrong with India that the corruption can not be tackled effectively here. 

The statistics about corruption are damn so alarming and disturbing that it troubles my mind to such an extent that I feel pretty helpless to understand as to why the corruption is mushrooming all around us in Indian societies especially in the times when the FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION is being fought aggressively. 

It is indeed a matter of great worry for us when we read in the news that within the short span of mere four months this year, our country's ACB (Anti corruption bureau) has trapped 508 public servants in graft cases in Maharashtra State itself. Where as in the entire previous year, ACB had nabbed only 281 officials in this state. If it goes on at this pace, one can safely imagine how many more would be caught by ACB in 2014. 

The govt. departments where the public servants were arrested are from state home department, revenue department, municipal corporation, state electricity distribution company and land records. The facts become more shocking to learn that a few senior police inspectors were nailed red-handed while taking bribes in police stations itself. 

The only reason why this demonic menace is still dancing over our heads and not being controlled till date is that the public servants are not being punished heavily by our prevalent system for their corrupt practices. When caught, all they get is soft punitive reward in terms of suspension letter and at times they are merely transferred to distant places by their seniors officers who are usually hand-in-glove with them. It is nothing but a sort of safe protective layer around them which is meant to suggest that the action has been taken against erring officials. These actions can not be designated as effective deterrents at all for others. 

The CAG report has also indicted a few ministers for land grabbing in Maharashtra on high level administrative posts. While they are making hey, on the other side, the poor farmers are committing suicides in penury.

sadly, I hardly observe the impact of revolution and fight against corruption in this country. The corruption I believe would stay right here over our heads until we all decide in principle to support and give power to an utterly honest leader like ARVIND KEJRIWAL who is fighting relentlessly to eradicate the current political, administrative and judicial system with the effective tools like transparency and accountability. 


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