Wednesday, April 23, 2014

नरेंद्र मोदी जी की ईमानदारी की झलकियाँ...


More often than not, BJP speaks high of its PM candidate, Narendra Modi's probity and he himself claims to be a clean politicians. In this post, I am providing a few significant glimpses into his honesty to put to your notice before you really buy what media is selling day in day out to promote Mr. Narendra Modi. 

Had NAMO been honest, he would not have kept Babu Bokhiria as senior minister in his government in Gujarat who has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by a court in Porbandar for illegal lime stone mining. 
Had Namo been as honest as he claims to be, he would not have given massive piece of Gujarat government Land to Adani on dirt cheap rates. This shocking document was shown in the news channel as well. 
Had he been as honest as BJP claims he is, he would not have used the choppers and aeroplanes of Mukesh Ambani & Adani in his electoral rallies. 

Had he been that honest he would not have taken corrupt, tainted and shining political diamonds like Yedurappa, Nitin Gadkari, in his fold. Doesn't he know that there is a huge list of corrupt people in BJP who have been given seats to contest 2014 Election.

Had he been so virtuous, we would not have heard of Gujarat cops keeping an eye on a specific woman 24x7 on the instructions of SAHEB or else those cops would have been taken to task for this dirty job. 
Had he really believed in 'INDIA FIRST' slogan he most often recites in his media interviews, he would have raised his voice in the interest of Indians against the imminent gas price hike being proposed by Mukesh ambani. 

Had he been honest he would have spent millions and billions on Indians instead of spending on BJP election campaigns. 

One can not imagine the exact cost of his campaigns as the transactions are always obscure in India due to lacunas in our sickening system but on its face value, it appears to be no less than thousands or crores as claimed by opposition too. This is exactly how our country is being sold by our so called political leaders. isn't this high time we change such leaders and bring in new leaders who deserve to run our nation? Just think about who is funding his rallies before you vote, Just think about who he is going to favor after he wins, you or the ones who are providing him choppers and air-crafts?

Had he been so clean and honest, he would have established LOKAYUKTA in Gujarat long back. 

Had he believed in honesty at all he would not have had 30-35 sitting tarnished MLAs in his party who have got criminal cases against them.

Had he been that honest as he claims, he would have mentioned his wife's name years back in his nomination, not in 2014. Isn't he walking over the foot prints of Arvind Kejriwal to prove he is also as honest as Arvind.

NIHARIKA SINHA, founder member of JAN SANGHARSH MANCH, @NirjhariSinha HAD REMARKED  QUITE SUITABLY: "If I become PM, I shall give ONGC to Ambani, BHEL to Adani, Air India to TATA to make them richest in the world. Bharat Mata Ki Jai- NaMo! Her quote is quite quite relevant to my post and decide to put it here. 

I can go on and on and write at length about his dishonest characteristics but I would like to sum it up here to cut this message short and not like to bore my readers. 

It is not NaMO's wave in the country. it is the wave against CORRUPT CONGRESS and Narendra Modi is getting the most of it. 

P.S. My salute to all those great volunteers of AAM AADMI PARTY who are toiling relentlessly without wages for the bright future of India. They are the true patriots of this nation contributing in their own way for the revolution spearheaded by great leader of our times, Arvind Kejriwal. 

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