Saturday, April 5, 2014



Yesterday, during his road show in South Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal was under abrupt assault again by some demented man while he was shaking hands with the locals there. Agreed, it is everybody's right to express reservation peacefully about certain issues he/she doesn't approve of but no one can infringe on someone else's rights as well. The beauty of the democracy is that it entitles people to express their views openly and it should be the peaceful battle of ideologies and beliefs but it is unfortunate that people in India are allowed to break all the barriers to resort to undemocratic violent measures. Nobody seems to hold respect for democratic precepts any longer. 

Guys, it is not an attack on Arvind Kejriwal but rather an assault on the core values and principles of democracy. These days, such incidents take place more often than not. The hunt for true democracy is still on in this country...


If someone had hit Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi in this manner you can safely imagine that what could have happened here. NOTHING LESS THAN A NATIONAL HAVOC ! The entire nation and media would have risen against this act. 

Who is supposed to put an end to such maladies in our country? would someone responsible person care to look into this serious matter? 

If you care to peep into recent past, a few days back as well Arvind was punched on his neck by Satvinder Singh at Dadri, near Bhivani, Haryana in his road show there. The attacker was witnessed as screaming, 'YOU HAVE BETRAYED ANNA.' subsequently, the man was thrashed up by AAP supporters in retaliation and freed him when Arvind urged his party workers to assuage their emotions and stop immediately. The man in question revealed that he has been a supporter of social activist, Anna Hazare. Does that flimsy justification give him the right to break the law?

These poor assailants are merely pawns in the hands of KEY PLAYERS OF INDIAN POLITICS who devise such plans behind the curtains to sully his image & send the wrong signals around that people are not looking upon him with that respect now. These are well co-ordinated attacks designed by the powerful people of our country to sabotage Arvind's image in the eyes of gullible people of this country because they are unhappy to see him pull down their established political kingdoms. 

THE CONGRESS, BJP & OTHERS would never let Arvind Kejriwal take away so easily what they believe is their ancestral property.  So throwing black inks in press meetings, attacking on AAP offices, stoning at their cars, getting Arvind detained at Gujarat, brutal assault on Kumar Vishwas by congress workers at Amethi, blackening of Yogendra Yadav's face are going to continue on and on until ARVIND WINS THE ELECTIONS. 

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