Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Dear blog readers, today, I have decided to upload this specific letter on my blog that I had sent to Mr. Neeraj, the former police chief of Delhi police & a few other police officers, for he had tried to humiliate Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, a great leader of our times, at INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE meet. Mr. Neeraj intentionally read this provoking & horrific sms "KASAM SE BAHUT YAAD AOGE TUM KEJRIWAL" in front of the media to take potshot at him disrespectfully. Almost every one present in the gathering knew about this SMS that was doing rounds on watsapp and social networking websites which has been devised by some mentally retarded person to ridicule the most honest leader of our motherland. The moment I saw him reading this sms, trying to ruin Arvind Kejriwal's image in front of the audience and media, I had decided there & then to send a befitting reply to him. 

The letter reads as follows: 

Dear Mr Neeraj,

I held great respect for you, your education and training but it disappeared instantly from my eyes to see you rise like a fool and ruin your own reputation.

What an outstanding performance you delivered at INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE reading that morbid invention of another mentally distorted man like you but for your kind knowledge there was hardly any plausible clap from the audience after you concluded it because nobody imagined & believed that an IAS officer of your stature would commit such a gross mistake of his life that too in front of media.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal could have given a befitting reply to you then and there but the decency and dignity he lives with stopped him short to even think of retorting you.

What a great leader he is! I don’t even think you even deserve his reply.

You may have thought personally it to be a brave act on your part but my dear sir; it rather displayed poor n sickening latent mentality of a man who has once been at the top seat of Delhi Police.

Did you really deserve to be on this post with such a vindictive nature of your good self?

You have actually given a wonderful gift to your grand children who would later feel embarrassed like I was to see you do such an ignominious act.

What a commissioner act indeed!

Do you really believe that you could damage his image or even make a slightest dent on it by doing what you did?

Let me predict about his great soul, mr Arvind kerjriwal is going to be a national hero of this motherland mr neeraj in the times to come because of the love he holds of his motherland. Your grand children are going to salute him for his great deeds in the future.

There may be thousands of people like you in Indian bureaucracy who would detest Mr. Arvind's sheer guts but there are crores of people in India who worship this great leader of this nation, SON OF HIS MOTHER LAND who is not only being followed by people but by the leaders of BJP, Congress and other parties.

In comparison you are not even an ounce of his virtues, honesty & truthfulness. He is not going to disappear like winter season Mr. Neeraj he is going to be right here till he dies because he has taken a solemn oath to change the corrupt system of this country. He is the first CM of this country who sat at Dharna for the interest of his delhi people. He is the first CM of India to have sacrificed his supreme post with his cabinet in the line of his duty for his people. 

Look at how Mr. Rahul Gandhi in order to gain his political grounds is imitating him shaking hands with rly porters, conducting chaupals with auto rikshaw drivers and fishermen. On the other side, BJP Rajasthan CM, Vasundhra Raje following Arvind religiously denying royalties of bungalow and red lights on cars and Mr Narendra modi opening thousands of tea stalls to get connected directly with the local people. Has he ever done this for past 15 years in Gujarat?

Who is original and pioneer, mr neeraj?

It seems you seem to be nurturing a wish to get into politics? If a man with your kind of character comes to power in politics one can safely imagine what you are going to do for this nation. 

Even Christ, the son of god, was scorned, derided and tortured when he opposed the corrupt established Kingdom in Rome. Like wise, Mr Arvind Kejriwal is going through the same acid test but he is going to come out as a winner because the truth triumphs at the end.

Please accept my apology if my truth has hurt your sentiments but I am a man of guts too who would like to show a man like you the place where YOU BELONG. I show the same amount of guts writing to PM, Congress leaders, BJP leaders, Supreme court, Election commission of India, CBI and so on...



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