Wednesday, April 2, 2014



These are a few true sincere, committed & dedicated leaders of our nation who have contributed a great deal to change the political scene of this country for past couple of years and some of them have joined the revolution a little later believing in their ideology that can reform our system enormously. 

For the first time after our so called independence of 66 years, they have worked relentlessly in true sense to get the Indians what they deserve, a better and safer India and what they have been dreaming for years and years even after decades of independence. 

These are the leaders who did not come into politics to fill their pockets and bank accounts or to stash black money in foreign banks but to offer a better life to every Indian. 

It is NOW OR NEVER that we all distinguish carefully from these assorted candidates & recognize before the election 2014 who are the VIRTUOUS LEADERS amongst them that can change our future, who are the ones that love their motherland, who are the ones that are ravaging and plundering our nation turn by turn, who are the ones that reflect truthfulness, honesty & willingness to reforms our country, who are the ones who did not fulfill their tall promises, who are the ones who would like to give us JANLOKPAL that has the potential to dismantle this well founded deeply rooted sky scrapper of corruption from our soil, who are the ones passing on their political kingdoms to their sons, daughters and family members, who are the ones standing against dynastic polity in our country, who are the ones who deserve the power of our votes, who are the ones that need to be shown the door, who are the ones that have amassed massive wealth and assets during their rule and who are the ones who have limited means but formidable determination to cleanse the filth from our repulsive system, who are the one that could have given us long back what they are promising now, who are the ones fielding corrupt, history-sheeter and tainted candidates, who are the ones building nexus with industrialists and selling Indian assets, who are the ones contesting for commoners, who are the ones contesting to build their own empires, who are the ones urging people undemocratically to vote twice, who are the ones wanting fair election, who are the ones showing fake connect with the people walking on foot prints created by Arvind Kejriwal...

Pls watch this video that speaks volume how the nexus of BJP & CONGRESS forced this great leader to sacrifice his CM post with his cabinet ministers. 



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