Wednesday, April 2, 2014




To get FREE & FAIR ELECTION is the birth right of every Indian and if that is being denied to us even after 66 years of our so called independence then it is a big blot on our country and its hapless functioning. It is a matter of national shame for all of us Indians since we belong to a largest democracy in the world and yet people are deprived of their basic rights.

Please GET READY TO GET ELECTRIC-SHOCKED because if you watch the contents of this noteworthy sting operation that would show how well-organised, orchestrated, deeply rooted THE CORRUPTION is in our country and it can easily be traced even in a safest neutral place, where it is not supposed to be, THE ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA where no Indian would imagine it to be.  

A few days back, I had spoken so high about ELECTION COMMISSION coming up with motivating posters for voters for free and fair election and see what crops up now in front of us?

Beyond our imagination, the corruption has made inroads in THE ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA, a safe territory of no man's land. Yesterday, AAJ TAK news channel exposed organized corruption in Election commission of India. 

The EC's BLO (booth level officers) were caught on camera telling how to efface the ink after giving the vote and take certain precautions for erasure. They are even caught on camera making promises for bogus election ids in thousands for money, they are even promising verification of election id cards with out following the due procedures.

Had it occurred in some other country, the elections would have been postponed to straighten out the things in ELECTION COMMISSION but ours is quite liberal. I was almost electrocuted when the ex-election commission chief said it has been going on for years and the worst part is that nothing concrete has been done to end this malpractice. 

Like in other cases, as usual, our ELECTION COMMISSION has asked for the CDs from AAJ TAK the way they always do after such kind of revelation in other news channels' sting operations. 

It is nothing but the dust being thrown into our eyes so that we can not see anything for the time being. As the sickening tradition goes here, these corrupt officers would get suspension orders for a few days for the sake of investigation and get reinstatement in the job again once the heat settles down. Nothing is going to happen to these officers, I am pretty sure. The law will never catch up with them for severe punishment as they deserve for killing democracy. I doubt if that is even a crime here? Had the law authorities implemented laws, we would not have witnessed this today.

Nobody seem to be accountable in India from lowest to highest post. Don't you think fellows, we need JANLOKPAL more than anything else in this country? shouldn't that be our priority since it can enforce transparency and accountability in every governmental dept. 

I pity those candidates who lose by narrow margins! Do they really lose or they are just forced to lose the electoral battle by such rigging by political Kingpins?

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