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महान भारत की एक और महान उपलब्धि, लोकतंत्र के महापर्व के दौरान !
The INDIAN ELECTION COMMISSION is committing errors year by year, election by election religiously as if it is integral part of their national duties. 'The Mistakes are your teachers' appears to be merely a phrase only for EC.

If you may recall, I had already written a post on how we Indians have been deprived of FREE AND FAIR ELECTION years after years in our country. where is the development we often hear and read about in the news media? We hear series of claims that India has done this, done that, achieved this and so on. 

The recent string operations into the ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA had disheartened us a lot that unearthed the dirt with stunning revelation that how the fake election ids are made by a few corrupt officers in EC for the sake of pure greed of extra money. Now, even after six decades of so called independence, we can not vote because our election commission is incompetent & not functioning properly. 


The eligible voters, not in few numbers but in lacs across Maharashtra State were shocked when they discovered their names did not figure in 2014's voters' list the day they showed up at polling booths to vote. Who is to be punished for this heinous crime? may be nobody? I should be a fool asking about such punishment and deciphering it as a crime? this would probably go on forever in this country because it has not been rectified till date. No concrete steps have been taken to put an end to it.

In Maharashtra itself over 60 lacs voters were denied the right of voting this year, 2014 owing to erroneous functioning of our EC, you can safely imagine that the figure might touch in Crores all over India. What do Election officers do after the election gets over all these years? Sit on their chairs idly like irresponsible lot and have honeymoon over tax payers' money? If this is happening in the times of computer age, then INDIAN ELECTION COMMISSION needs complete overhauling top to down in every State. Ironically, there is no coordination on national or state level before elections. During every election we hear this outcry? who is supposed to take EC to task? The Supreme Court of India? Or it needs someone to file a petition to think over this national malady? God, when this largest democracy in the world, going to function they way it should?
Sadly, Maharashtra CM slaps the blame squarely on voters that it is their duty to find out if their names exist in the voters' list or not? "My dear, Chief Minister it is your job to get it alright. You are running this state, sir. It is your job to make sure that every voter in your state gets the fundamental right to cast vote since you have a huge team of wise bureaucrats and politicians around you with state machinery at your disposal." 

In response to this monstrous error, Election Commission in its poor defense says that the voters who were not present at the time of checking are the ones who have faced this deletion. It is beyond comprehension that renowned dignitaries like Supreme Court lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, HDFC chairman Deepak Parekh are amongst those victimized voters too who lost their constitutional right to vote this year.

As it is, our country is suffering from poor turn outs of voters during elections and if the voters, willing to vote, are denied the right this way, it appear like an organized conspiracy as often claimed by opposition in media. There is a theory doing the rounds that if there are poor turn outs then the better chances for ruling Govts. to win the election. 

I believe strongly that EC should announce re-poll for these specific voters after putting everything in order of course if they really intend to do their job properly with a sense of national duty, moral values and DEMOCRACY OF THIS COUNTRY. 

Or am I fooling around with this idea of REPOLL that it might take place here? 

महान भारत की इस महान उपलब्धि को कोटि कोटि दण्डवत प्रणाम !

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