Tuesday, April 1, 2014



The ideal & spotless political option for Indians for the first time since independence, in 2014. 

The first & only party to declare its funds on its website. 

The golden opportunity to get TRUE INDEPENDENCE for the Indians since independence only a set of few topnotch politicians, ace bureaucrats and super rich people of India have got special freedom to plunder India. The sickening nexus that runs this country depriving its inhabitants of what they deserve. 

The first & only party to fight & rise for JAN LOKPAL that has the potential to change our nation drastically and help us out of this CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION we are living in and change our lives for brighter tomorrow.

The first and only party whose chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal sat at Dharna with his ministers for fair administration of Delhi Cops in his state and created history of its kind for the first time. 

The first & only party whose Chief Minister sacrificed his CM SEAT ALONG WITH HIS CABINET MINISTERS for the sake of his Delhi voters for JANLOKPAL, that was promised to Delhi people by him. Let's not forget, AAP has emerged out of a revolution based on people's national demand for JAN LOKPAL to fight against corruption & inflation.

The first & only party that exposed the nexus of corrupt politicians, Bureaucrats, industrialists and other political parties that runs this country from behind the curtains. 

The first & only party that has no paid party workers.

The first & only party that supports complete independence to CBI 

The first & only party that has not a single corrupt, history-sheeter or tainted person in its fold but rather educated, social workers and clean popular & spotless candidates for election whereas there are in plenty in other political parties. Pls look at the statistics below !

The first & only party that has pure intent to change this nation. 

The first & only party that has taught the leaders of other parties as to how to act like a true politicians. There are many who are walking on the footprints created by AAP leaders.

The first & only party that is based on values and principles whereas others deviate from their stands for personal and party's interests as per their convenience. Like they often speak openly against dynastic politics to impress people in their rallies but wouldn't mind giving tickets to the sons and daughters and relatives of the politicians. So much so, they are ready to accept dubious and unscrupulous people in their fold to achieve the target of winning the election by hook or crook.

The first & only party that collects the honest donation from Indians and doesn't have immoral monetary and infrastructural support of super rich industrialists like AMBANI & ADANI and many more who eventually extract their money back from the voters by other means. 

The first & only party that has limited resources of honest donated funds with which it is contesting in Loksabha Election whereas THE CONGRESS & BJP pumping in millions and billions in their ad campaigns and rallies to get to the power in desperation. 

if you use your intelligence you can easily pinpoint the honest leaders from others. 

These are the words spoken by our great leader, Arvind kejriwal 

Massive support for Aam Aadmi Party in West Delhi. 

"BJP & Congress are saying that we ran away from Governance in Delhi. If it is so, then why are they so afraid of re-elections in Delhi. When SC asked if they both want to form the Government together, why have they asked 2 more weeks for thinking about it, what are they waiting for? 

I met Lt. Governor of Delhi and requested him to recommend re-elections. We resigned because we didn't want to compromise on Janlokpal & Swaraj and now AAP will come back with a full majority to pass these bills without any compromise." -Arvind Kejriwal


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