Tuesday, April 21, 2015


#AapRift #AapTurnsKhap

In the dark hour of the night at 11.50hr Arvind Kejriwal's coterie began the darkest chapter of AAP last night with deliberated executions of PRASHANT BHUSHAN, YOGENDRA YADAV, AJIT JHA AND ANAND KUMAR for being guilty of anti-party activities & violation of code of conduct of the party which will remain an indelible blot all his life on spic-and-span character of Arvind's honesty. 

Contrary to the expectation of the public, Arvind in his especially designed disciplinary court (#NationalDisciplinaryCommittee), had promoted the complainants, Ashish Khetan & Pankaj Gupta (against PB & YY) to be the judges to execute premeditated verdict of their exclusions from the party upon which Prashant Bhushan & Yogendra Yadav had made scathing remarks & reservations in their replies with regard to the show cause notices that were sent to them. “I am not aware who constituted this committee and when and how this was done. The National Council meeting on March 28 is illegal and unconstitutional.” , Prashant Bhushan had replied.

This unjustified & lopsided expulsions of senior leaders of AAP would be extensively seen as Arvind showing door to the spirit of the party. Arvind is regarded as the HERO of FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION and now he would be far-famed for PARTY MALFUNCTION "

It is beyond one's disbelief, if he is the same guy who had gone on hunger strike to get Lokpal, transparency & accountability to this country and couldn't instill the same values within his own party. 

The entire indecorous sequence would certainly lead to a greater divide & the birth of parallel AAM AADMI PARTY in this country and that would be a matter of great regret to Arvind and his coterie in the times to come. This evinces the brilliant transformation of a crusader to dictator to executioner.

Arvind had sought pardon from Delhi voters for his mistake prior to winning the elections. I have a strong doubt that he would ever be forgiven for this gross political error he has committed at this early point of his political life. This new personification of ARVIND & AAP will carry out many more unwarranted executions of this kind in the future.

Arvind is probably under the wrong impression that this dirty job of his dirty team would be overshadowed by his effective performance at Delhi. Today, Arvind has manifested again he is short of maturity by telling Delhi voters in just short span of two months that his party would be able to deliver about 40-50% of the total commitments that was given by it to Delhi electorate. 


The party with the difference is party with differences now.

This ugly episode reminds me of the song from a movie, GAMBLER :

मेरी मर्ज़ी

मैं चाहे ये करूँ, मैं चाहे वो करूँ

मैं चाहे यहाँ जाऊं, मैं चाहे वहां जाऊं

गोरे को मैं कहूँ काला, जीजा को मैं बोलूँ साला

नदी को मैं बोलूँ नाला, चाबी बिना खोलूँ ताला

मेरे बारे में कुछ कहना नहीं

चुपचाप बैठे रहो, बोलना नहीं

मुझे समझाना नहीं, झूट सही

चाहे पी जाऊं मैं चाय कॉफ़ी, डाल के दही

मेरी मर्ज़ी ....

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