Friday, April 10, 2015


INSATIATE CORRUPTION IN INDIA GOBBLES UP ANOTHER HONEST COP, Dharmendra Chouhan in #Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh. In the line of his duty when cop tried to stop the truck full of illegally mined sand from the #Chambal river, the driver crushed him to death then and there under his truck as if taking human life is routine stuff for such criminals and the Indian laws and law makers are in their pockets. This is #the height of lawlessness!

The #illegal sand mining is done in broad day light though #MP High court had banned sand mining five years ago when a #PIL had produced the facts that it poses a great threat to #crocodiles (Gharials) who lay eggs in the sand.

In India, when caught red-handed, #THE CORRUPTION most often than not gets rewarded amply with shoddy investigations to dilute the gravity of the case and in some cases with mere suspensions of corrupt officers to put dust in the eyes of the Indians & on the other side, honesty's reward here is repeated transfers and in some cases it leads to sheer brutality, the end of life
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It seems to be a routine scene and practice everywhere in our country. Are we so helpless and inefficient to change it?

INDIA HAS SEEN NUMBER OF SUCH CRUEL KILLINGS BY #SAND MAFIA in the past and there are scores of instances wherein honesty has been mutilated & silenced forever by such criminals who possess strong clout in the politics as well as in bureaucracy. The crooked politicians and bureaucrats hold stake in profit and are on regular payroll of Mafiaso. 
WHY CAN NOT our law authorities SEND ARMED COPS TO SUCH PLACES in the defense of their honest officers in the first place? IS IT INTENTIONAL TO SEND THEM UNARMED under some secret pact & conspiracy to facilitate the local Mafia in their killings? IS THERE MORE TO IT THAN WHAT OUR EYES SEE?

ISN'T IT A BROAD HINT TOWARDS THE reprehensible #NEXUS that we often hear & read about BETWEEN LOCAL LEADERS AND MAFIA AS IS FREQUENTLY ALLEGED BY MEDIA. As usual, after every killing & media cry, the govt.washes off its hands ordering #SIT (#Special investigating team) probe for it. 
In a similar incident in 2012, a young honest #IPS officer, Narendra Kumar, was mowed down by a tractor in #Morena district with an obvious indication to all that nobody can stop them from what they are doing and if someone shows guts to challenge them then he/she would suffer the same fate.
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