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This particular alarming news with horrifying data compiled by a city based medical second opinion services on medical corruption in India inspired & compelled me to write this post on #The corrupt doctors that are disguised as noble humans in our society are in fact blood-sucking-demons and they are 
readily prepared to crush their own conscience, morality, virtues, principles with their scalpels to make extra bucks. 

Their indifferent emotionless 
approach of their profession probably has led to this stage where they would not even care to hear the cries of their own souls within themselves. #The scalpel happy, target-oriented, yet so called noble doctors do not hesitate even for a sec to perform avoidable surgeries upon their patients to meet hospital targets and for their job security. These days, the green color of the money attracts them more than anything else. They don't balk at all and proceed further happily imparting gross injustice to their patients these days.

More than two lacs cataract surgeries in a year and sharp two-fold jump in caesarian deliveries along with too common 
hysterectomies (surgical removal of the uterus) & knee replacements are the ones that are done unnecessarily. This morbid culture of corrupt medical fraternity points towards an amoral practice booming in India. The surgeons in corporate hospitals commonly advise & urge their patients to go for operations that are not required at all only because to them the target to mint money for the hospital is more important than giving fair treatment to the patients. 

Recently, a few surgeons not wanting their identities to be revealed confessed to their medical criminal complicity 
that they have a quota to meet every month. With this trend on, their prime priority is to figure out if their patient is potential candidate for their operating table. The statistics suggest usually only two out of five agree for the surgery. Rest of them opt for second opinion and do not return at all, most likely after finding out that they could do with out operation. The surgery which should be the last option in emergency is actually the first option for surviving urgency.

In India, many hospitals pay their surgeons on the basis of the number of procedures they perform. This ugly trend of #medical corruption would turn
the nation into a #healing hell in the eyes of the world soon if some harsh corrective measures are not taken to put an end to this malpractice.

Besides, during diagnosis of the ailment, most of the doctors prescribe unethically various unneeded medical tests to get the extra income coming in from the commissions they regularly get from these specific diagnostic laboratories and centers they refer their patients to.

I remember one horrific incident where doctors performed operation over a dead body to extort money from his affluent family before the discharge took place. The bunch of the medical butchers pretended they were trying to revive the patient who was already turned into a corpse. A poor couple was sent back ruthlessly by a female doc because the man did not have Rs. 800 for the delivery of his wife. On her way back, the poor woman had to deliver her child on the road and thus lost her new born. 

At one point of my life even my wife was advised for caesarian delivery before the birth of my second child but I adamantly insisted on natural course of birth and it may surprise you fellows that my wife faced no complications at all at the time of delivery as was hinted by our doctor. 

There are countless instances that would display their ruthlessness and the brutal fact that this profession is no longer a noble profession. On a money making spree, a private hospital asked a patient to dole out Rs. 7800, not for the treatment but a medical test for #Swine flue. In Andhra Pradesh doctors performed #hysterectomies to receive higher payoff from Government schemes. You can come across multiple cases of this kind online where patients are extorted by the mafia of doctors.

In a recent overseas case, an Indian-American doctor, #Mr. Neil Sharma was arrested by FBI on the charges of receiving kick-back for referring for treatment. He faces a sentence up to five years in a prison.

There was a time when the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of patients was nobility of this medical profession in the past. Nowadays it is driven by nothing but greed.

Usually the people are scared by the doctors to such an extent that they agree immediately for the surgeries believing it is important for their lives.

My advise to every reader of my blog is not to trust your doctor any longer and always take second opinion whenever you, your family member, friends and kin are prescribed to go for an operation. 

Refuse to be taken for a ride!

P.S. This post is only intended for the awareness in the society and not to hurt the feelings of all those doctors who are good humans and carry nobility with their profession.
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