Tuesday, April 14, 2015


#DevelopedIndiaOrCorruptIndia ?

Need not to be mentioned that the farming community in India has always been at the receiving end since independence. The community that is the sole source of food for the entire nation has been treated very shabbily by every successive govt of India. That's the very reason the farmers commit suicide in large number in state of extreme poverty & destitution across our nation. It baffles me that till today after 66 years of independence, they are seeking for fair justice. 

As though the natural calamity was not enough, #UPgovt treats the farmers with contempt by offering an amount that would not even get them food for a day. It is no less than an humiliation to them that Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav-led, UP govt has offered meager Rs. 75 to Rs. 300 as compensation cheques to them who have suffered from crop damages due to untimely rains in various parts of our country. What is more, the deceased persons have been issued cheques! And these are the leaders whom the Indians entrust the power of their votes to.

The moment media learnt about this insulting injustice, it launched its offensive campaign against UP govt. 

The opposition that is usually on a hunt for suitable issues to attack the ruling party to get political mileage, is happy to get the issue on its own on their platter. They began assailing UP govt. left, right and center. 

The concerned officials immediately jumped into action to save themselves from the disgrace. 

The corruption scene in India is so bad that the farmers had to lodge a complaint that the govt employee is seeking for the bribe for putting their names on the roll of compensation. When they were not entertained the farmers filmed the man taking bribe on phone for the evidence.

In December, 2014 too on a complaint of a farmer, a Patwari was caught red-handed taking bribe from him in Haryana by the state vigilance bureau at Norang Village of Sirsa. 

You can click on the links below and see for yourself the shocking evidences recorded on camera how the poor farmers are being exploited to the hilt mercilessly by govt authorities in this country. 

Osmanabad SDO Shobha Raut Arrested for taking BRIBE from Farmer

Solapur Revenue Officer taking Bribe from Farmer,held by ACB

Beed: Talathi taking Bribe from Drought hit Farmers

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