Sunday, April 19, 2015


#TollScams in India BY #NTBCL

A disturbing news that I watched today on #ZeeNews about this toll plunder inspired me to write & bring it to the notice of my blog readers.

A blatant LOOT in the name of cost recovery through TOLL between Delhi & Noida by LEGAL PICKPOCKETS OF INDIA..

This controversial #DND FLYWAY (Delhi-Noida-Direct) is an 8-laned, 9.2Km access under the toll control of #NTBCL, Noida Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. The thousands of Delhi NCR people are being victimized and taken for a ride by NTBCL under this legally organized loot of Indian citizens. With whose tacit support this mafia regime is pillaging India is A MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION that needs an answer.

To update you on this issue, in 2001, NOIDA TOLL BRIDGE CO., a subsidiary of #IL&FS Group, had completed the work of DND Fly Way. And the total cost of the project was around Rs. 408 Crores at that time. As per the formal agreement the said company had to recover the cost with 20% margin for next 30 years. You would be shocked to learn how this company is robbing Indians day by day right under the nose of Indian government and its concerned authorities that are supposed to deliver justice to Indians.

Surprisingly, in 2004 the cost & recovery sprang up to Rs.695 Crore and the said company did not stop it here as well. Later on, the recovery estimate sky-rocketed to Rs. 3458 Crore in 2014. Just look at the massive difference created by these CUT PURSES between the original cost of 408 cr & recovery cost 3458 cr.

Now the company has announced that to recover 3458 cr they would have to collect toll for next 70 years. The pace at which the company is reviewing the project's cost and its recovery pattern in 2031 it would accrue to be Rs. 85795 crore.

There have been multiple protests against this continued plunder but the voices for justice, most often than not, get unheard in India. Only #CAG (Comptroller & Audit General of India) can relieve Indians by stepping in and get them justice looking into the accounts of such dishonest companies that keep increasing projects' cost and their recovery estimates.


NTBCL is a public listed company, incorporated in Uttar Pradesh, India, in 1996 and at present operates only in India. The cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar has also written a letter to the chief minister, Devendra Phadnavis against toll taxes in Maharashtra.

Without any complaints, the Indians dutifully do want to pay the taxes for such services but we have seen resentment soaring high amongst people across nation since the toll taxes are collected even after the total costs being recovered with due interests. There have been multiple instances of violence against undue toll collection centers in various parts of India. It is high time the concerned authorities look into this scam that has been going on for long. It is alleged that the ruling parties work hand-in-glove to commit such scams.

Allegations of a political nexus between the ruling parties and contractors


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